After playing a tennis match, you will always find that it can take some time to recover. Tennis is one of the most physically and mentally demanding sports that there is, which means that people of all levels can sometimes find that it takes a while to fully recover both physically and mentally. The key is to know what to do with your time directly after the match, so keep reading for a few ideas for ways that you can aid your recovery after playing a match of tennis. Hopefully, this will help you to speed up your recovery and possibly improve your next performance.


One of the first things that you should do after a tennis match is stretch. Tennis can put great strain on your body, especially due to the lateral movements, so you need to stretch to release lactic acid and aid muscle recovery. Ideally, this will be within an hour of the match and you should aim to use static stretches for around 10 minutes.

Refuel And Rehydrate

You also need to refuel and rehydrate as quickly as possible after the match. Tennis can quickly deplete your resources, so you should try to replenish lost fluids by drinking plenty of water or a nutritional shake. In terms of food, you will want protein-rich food, bananas and carbs like pasta to re-energise and help with recovery.

Find A Fun Activity That Keeps You Off Your Feet

After a long tennis match, you will want to find an activity to keep yourself occupied that you can enjoy while your feet are up. Online casino games at places like are perfect for this because they are highly engaging and good fun and it is an activity that you can easily do on your phone while you have your feet up on the sofa. 


You will want to take a shower after a game of tennis to clean yourself, but you will also find that this can help with your recovery. A nice hot shower can help to relax your muscles, but actually, a cold shower could be better for your recovery to reduce muscle strain, to stimulate the circulation of blood and to energise yourself.


A massage is also a great way to recover and unwind after a tennis match, especially if you are feeling sore/stiff. You might have someone that could do this for you, but for the best results, you should look into a professional that can offer a sports massage. This can really make a huge difference and help you to feel much better after a game of tennis (or any other type of exercise).

Recovering from a tennis match can be tough, especially one that lasts a number of sets and in hot weather. These are the key areas to focus on for your recovery that will hopefully stop you from suffering too much and help you to feel fresh and energised before long.


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