Tennis is a sport that we would all love to play but the reality is very different to those hopes and dreams of aspiring players. It is a notoriously hard sport to get into and even more difficult to master, but those who go on to do both at a high level will inevitably end up in the US Open, a massive entertainment event that attracts the eyes of tennis lovers from across the world. When the young professionals step onto the tennis court for the first time, they dream of eventually ending up at this esteemed competition to take their place on the world stage and participate for glory.

The US Open began in 1881 and has its origins as a men-only singles and doubles tournament. Perhaps seeing the errors of their ways, tournament officials eventually dictated that the event would open to include women singles, then doubles, and eventually mixed doubles. The competition has enjoyed a rich history since it was created with many exciting moments of tennis history taking place within the event. For example, it hosted one of the longest matches ever recorded: a staggering 5 hours and 26 minutes played out by Michael Chang and Stefan Edberg. Spectators of this year’s event will be frothing at the mouths for more exciting matches to take place.

A massive 720,000 fans normally flow through the gates of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center which make the US Open the single-highest attended sporting event in the world. It is held annually and takes place over two weeks from late August to early September. There is no doubt that it is truly the biggest stage for the sport and the world’s best players will dream of winning their games on the acrylic hard court. It should be noted that the US Open makes up part of Tennis’ Grand Slam, and so the best players in the world will need to win it to have a chance of reaching that all-important accolade.

Tennis, just like any sport, has always enjoyed a massive wagering scene seeing as how the game is followed by millions of players globally. Compared to a team sport, there is less to consider in certain markets as there will generally only be 2 or 4 players on the court. Also, unlike sports such as Football, tennis matches cannot end in a draw meaning that wagerers will enjoy having a simple choice to make when it comes to match wagering. Typical markets can be found in Tennis though, a list of the best sites can be found at Max Casinos, and experience wagerers will feel at home with the selection available. 

This year’s US Open is set to take place on the 30th of August and hundreds of thousands will be able to enjoy the host of upgrade facilities across the grounds such as new concession areas and an Octagon merchandise marquee. Those who cannot reach the event may stream from the US Open website, allowing all fans of the sport to enjoy the proceedings.


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