Tennis is an amazing sport and it’s good to want to share your love for tennis with your family. If you’ve been thinking about spending more time with your kids, then you might want to start teaching them to play tennis. For many parents, this will be a great opportunity to get some exercise while also spending quality time with their kids. If you want this process to go smoothly, then you should read the tips for bonding with your kids while playing tennis below. 

Try to Be Patient

The first thing to keep in mind is that your kids aren’t necessarily going to be great at playing tennis right away. Sure, some kids might wind up being naturals that will do quite well with a little bit of instruction. But if your kid struggles with the sport, then they can still have fun and learn at a slower pace. You might need to be patient with your kid because it will only hurt the experience if you get frustrated with them. 

Be kind when trying to teach your kids the basics of tennis. Try to explain things slowly at first and let them learn as you play. You might not even always be able to follow the proper rules while you’re teaching the kids how to swing a racket and hold to hold the racket properly. After a few sessions, they’ll be able to get better and it’ll be easier to play casual games with them. 

Encourage Your Kids

Some kids will get down on themselves when they don’t perform well. If your kid keeps failing to hit the ball or if they start feeling like they aren’t any good at tennis, then you should try to encourage them. Let them know that they’re doing a great job by trying to learn. If you can help your kids to understand that most people aren’t great when they first start playing, then they’ll be more confident about continuing to try. 

Your words of encouragement can mean the difference between your kids having fun and them not ever wanting to play again. Be there for them and try to bolster their confidence. It’ll make things more fun for everyone if you’re able to help them feel at ease. Knowing how to talk to kids can make a huge difference. 

If you’re having some trouble getting the kids to learn the basics, then it might help to work with an instructor. Many tennis clubs have instructors that are used to teaching kids how to play. Don’t feel offended if the kids learn a bit better from an instructor who is good at speaking to kids on their level. That doesn’t mean that you can’t still have fun with the kids. 

Avoid Getting Competitive

Sometimes it can be tough to suppress your competitive nature. When you’re playing tennis with your teenager, it might not be a good idea to let your competitive streak get the better of you. Getting overly competitive could lead to hurt feelings. Playing tennis with your kids is supposed to be more about bonding and having a good time. 

If your kids are into being competitive and they’ve become good at the game, then you can have at it. Just remember that there is likely a difference in skill level. You can make the game more fun by playing a bit more casually when you’re with your kids. If you’re playing with young kids, then it might be best not to keep score. 

What if the Kids React Negatively to Losing?

There are times when kids will get frustrated when doing things with you. Even if you’re very patient and you’re trying to have fun, it’s possible that your kid could react negatively to not doing as well as they want to. Kids can be emotional and you should try not to overreact if this occurs. Read this article  to get some important tips that can help you out.


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