Tennis is more than just your average sport or a game. It’s a career, meaning that tennis superstars have to manage their brands and marketing. At least, they have talented teams who can help them along the way. What’s interesting about tennis players is that they often have personal logos.

But – why might a tennis star have their logo? What are some of the more famous logos and insignias in the world of tennis right now? Let’s dive in.

Logos are Huge in the Tennis World

If you’re 100% new to the wild world of tennis, there is plenty for you to catch up on! For example, if you want to learn more about tennis wagering, there are plenty of online resources, such as this guide. 

However, even after following the sport for a little while, you’ll realise how big a deal logos can be for tennis stars. Just as you may expect to see sports stars wearing sponsor logos and titles elsewhere, the biggest tennis pros also use their branding.

That’s because a tennis star logo can embody not only their characteristics and style but also imprint their brand. Roger Federer, Agnieszka Radwanska, Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic – all have their personalised logos.

You’ll find these logos on players’ apparel as well as on products affiliated with their endorsement. Tennis stars are much like football teams and F1 constructors. They are instantly recognisable, and therefore, logos are essential to support fan recognition.

What’s in a Logo?

Tennis star logos tend to be very straightforward yet cleverly designed. Both Federer and Murray have logos that incorporate their initials. However, Federer’s is sleek and mysterious (just as the legend is difficult to predict), while Murray’s is bold and striking. These logos quickly tell you who you’re dealing with and a lot about their character.

Another tennis legend, Rafael Nadal, goes a little more creative. Nadal’s branding is simple and striking and looks like a bull skull. This refers to his status on the court as the ‘Raging Bull’. That nickname and playing style has stuck fast with the pro, meaning it makes perfect sense to build a logo around it.

Venus Williams’ brand logo covers all bases. It embodies her professional achievements off the court, blending her EleVen line in with her tennis achievements. Her logo is strong and imposing, though not in an oppressive way, rather to impress. It works!

Maria Sharapova’s take on the tennis logo is engaging differently. A simple pair of red, pursing lips, Sharapova’s logo embodies her wider brand, Sugarpova. This gives off a sense of knowing style and determination – that’s also a lot of fun. Sugarpova is, in fact, a sweets/candy line!

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, tennis stars wear a lot of logos. We’ve seen the Nike tick across many, many headbands! It makes sense the top players will want to create their own. 

Many tennis fans will tell you that much of the thrill in the game comes from the stars’ personalities. How better to show these off than through succinct logos and visual branding?


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