Do you have a competitive streak? When your friends bring out Monopoly or a deck of cards, do you suddenly become eager to beat everyone in the room? If so, then you’d benefit from starting a hobby that requires playing against other players. Here are seven hobby ideas for competitive people.

1: Online Games

There are plenty of online games out there to scratch that competitive itch you have. If you like shooters, for example, then you could play Call of Duty on your PC. If you prefer card games like poker, you can play online casinos to show off your analytical skills while beating other players. When it comes to the world of online games, there aren’t really any limits!

2: Archery 

Archery is a great sport for those who admire precision alongside the healthy competition. It takes time to get used to the bow and arrow, but if you’re dedicated (and have a good eye), you’ll soon be hitting those targets. Once you master the art, treat yourself to your very own bow!

3: Board Games 

You’d be surprised just how competitive board game players can be. Like Dungeons and Dragons, some are story-based, whereas others, like chess, are all about the mind. Have a look at board game meet-ups in your area to see if any interest you. You might just discover a new talent!

If you don’t want to wait, you can also play board games online. For example, you can play competitive Cribbage, a game that requires both strategy and luck, against other players. With online board games, you can find players at your level, making games more challenging and fun.

4: Tennis 

Tennis is another great sport for competitive players, and you don’t have to be young or in the best physical shape of your life to enjoy a good match. Find the nearest tennis court, buy or rent some rackets, and get into this great summertime game. While you can play with friends, it’s also a great sport for meeting new people, so don’t be afraid of joining a tennis club on your own.

5: Running 

Running is a sport as competitive as any other. As a beginner, though, you don’t have to compare yourself to the best – it’s enough to be competitive with yourself. The best part is you’ll become increasingly fitter the better you get! So try to set yourself goals to inspire that competitive streak; for example, you could work toward running a half marathon and then a full one.

6: Ping Pong 

Ping pong is one of the most competitive games in the world, and if you look at videos of the pros, you’ll see why. It doesn’t matter how good you are, though, as there will always be other players at a similar level, and you can work your way up. Plus, it’s loads of fun!

7: Trivia  

If you have a great memory and natural intelligence, why not get into trivia? Once you’ve learned all the countries and know the periodic table back to front, you can do quizzes in bars, online, or in a local club. The more you win, the more competitive you’ll become, and you might even end up winning prizes!

For competitive folk, there’s always something to do. So, try out one of these seven hobbies to bring some more fun into your life.


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