Tennis is quite different from most of the other sports. This difference is besides the actual gameplay and more about it not being as mainstream. However, wagering on the sport has grown on the global scene. Besides its unconventionality and class, it’s constantly being played, almost on a daily basis. This is because the WTA and ATP tours are played in different parts of the world. The difference in time zones makes it appear like a match is happening at one place or the other every day, making it easier to wager. 

 Wagers available 

Virtually all sports that are wagered online have specific wagers that can be placed on them. These wagering options come in a variety across different sports. For tennis, they include:

  1. Moneyline: similar to the wagering dynamics in hockey and baseball, the Moneyline is the most popular wagering option chosen by wagerers. It is simply placing a wager on who you think will win. 
  2. Game spread: another option open to wagerers is to wager on the game directly or set spread. Generally, people that gamble on tennis have better odds because of the nature of the sport which only requires two players. The variance of the game is responsible for this advantage. This is why there is a spread which in all sense, levels the field to suit everyone. This also has a variant where players can wager on the number of sets in the game. 
  3. Over/under: This wager is placed on the total number of games that would be played in a match. 

Guide to having successful wagers.

Although it’s practically impossible to predict the outcome of a sporting event with a hundred percent accuracy. However, it will be a good idea to have a game plan. To come up with a solid plan, here are some unspoken rules that are only taught by experienced experts.

  • Choose an area of expertise. Tennis is a relatively wide sport, cutting across both men’s and women’s sections. It’s best for you as a wagerer to stick to the side you know better. Even though it is not impossible to be able to analyze every upcoming tennis match, as some experts have proven with their models. However, it is best for regular players to stick to a side. Focusing on the tennis type and market is your best wager for becoming successful in tennis. This will help make more informed decisions while wagering. To get more exposure to this, check out Doing this, and in no time, you will have mastered one side before exploring the other variants of tennis. 
  • Wager with multiple bookmakers. One mistake that is common among tennis wagerers is that they limit their wagers to a few, or in worse cases, a single bookmaker. Using multiple bookmakers helps you spread your risks. This is because using only one or two bookmakers is going to generally reduce your chances of making any major wins in the long run. The reason for this is that your wagering options are narrow, limiting you to only the popular wagering options when you could have access to a variety. 

In some special cases, there are wagering options that are not readily available to popular bookmakers. These include a future wagering option. This is common to many of the other sports where players can wager on future events. The odds are usually high, giving the players a great chance of winning. Props are another option only open on special occasions. This type of wager is placed on the exact scoreline or the possibility of a tiebreak. These wagers are majorly available in large tournaments because of the high level of risk involved. 

  • Recordkeeping. To maintain a successful and sound wagering system, one of the best decisions you can make is on money. It also involves identifying where there is value in a proposed game. Having a record of all your profits and losses with comments on where you made possible mistakes is a good strategy that can make you a professional. This is because it helps you identify your strengths and then you can easily divert all the other resources towards that path. 
  • Looking out for the prospects. One of the things the history of sports has taught us is there are always bloomers in the crowds of teams. In tennis, these bloomers can usually be discovered in the Grand Slam events in both the men’s and women’s variants. To get the best odds, you should place wagers on these favorites early in the competition and by the end of the season, you will be enjoying your winnings. 

Tennis is considered a classy sport because it is among the list of progressive sports. This is also the reason for the possibility of predictions being made on players based on their past performances. Thanks to the tennis sports governing, a series of metrics and data are available on many players to help wagerers make educated predictions. 


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