Tennis – one of the best games to play with a friend, family member, a rival, or even a bloke. Bouncing the ball and hitting the ball with your racquet is a brilliant way to burn some fuel and have some fun. That’s not the only way to play tennis, though. With the rapid development of technology, we’ve got plenty of fun ways to play tennis, whether online or in real life. So, here are three types of tennis games to cheer you up!


 Tennis in Real Life

The oldest option of the bunch, playing tennis outside in real life, is the best way of getting some exercise. All you need are a few tennis balls, a racquet, a good pair of trainers, a net, and somewhere to play your game. This has been the case for hundreds of years since its conception in 12th-century France. While Venus and Serena Williams play the game competitively and have won many awards, you don’t have to be the best player or even have the best equipment to have a fun time. If the weather’s lovely and you feel like playing with somebody, going outside to play tennis is an excellent option for exercise and fun.

Tennis Video Games

Not every day has the optimal weather and conditions for a game outside. Luckily, you can play tennis right from your own house! Video games have boomed in popularity since the 1980s, and they have continued to be popular throughout the decades. There are plenty of video games, but tennis video games are popular with many players.

Game series such as Mario and Top Spin have loads of tennis games under their belts, but you can always play tennis games online if you haven’t got a video game console. Just because you can’t go outside doesn’t mean you can’t play tennis because video games have got your backs.

Wagering on Tennis Games

Wagering is a fun hobby for many people; tennis fans are no exception. Wagering on tennis games all around the world is a hobby for many to enjoy. There are many games globally and many leagues to wager on. You can pick three odds formats- decimal, fractional, and American. It’s a little obvious what those three formats are. The decimal format uses decimals (1.53 to 2.50 odds), the fraction format uses fractions (13/25 to 6/4 odds), and the American format uses positive and negative integers like in maths class (-190 to 150 odds).

There are also four wager types – Match and Game Handicap, Total Games, Set Handicap, and Total Sets. Match and Game Handicap deals with matches and game handicaps, Total Games and Total Sets deal with over and under, and Set Handicap deals with the first and second matches. From wagering on ATP to Wimbledon, you’re bound to have a brilliant time wagering on various tennis games.



Tennis is one of the most fun and most well-known games on the planet, but that doesn’t mean it’s all the same. You can play outside in real life, video games, and even wager on it. However you enjoy tennis, you’re bound to have loads of fun.


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