Since mental health can be a sensitive topic for some people, it can be important for those who can to help break the stigma surrounding mental health care whenever they can.

For someone who is experiencing any mental health condition, it might help to know that there are many others around the world who also live with mental disorders, and there is no shame in it. Eventually, the world could treat mental health needs just like physical health needs, and more people would be comfortable accessing the help they need.

Singers, actors, writers, athletes, and others can represent popular public figures who have come out in the open to talk about their experiences with mental health and encourage others to seek help for themselves. When public figures openly discuss their struggles with mental health or specific diagnoses, it can decrease stigmas for the average person.

Recently, many sports organizations have shifted their focus to accommodate players’ mental health conditions. For example, ATP has announced new partnerships with organizations that help players and staff.

If you are looking for resources to understand different mental disorders, like mania, for example, you can click here to visit Mind Diagnostics.

Here are some famous athletes who have shared their struggles with mental health. While no one is obligated to reveal personal details about their lives, many celebrities believe in a responsibility to create positive change with the platforms they have.

Michael Phelps

It is important to understand that a mental disorder, like depression, can happen to anyone, regardless of their station in life; factors that can cause depression range from biological to environmental, and a therapist can help you investigate them.

Life changes can also trigger mental health struggles.

Michael Phelps became a household name after his spectacular performance and wins at the 2008 Olympics. But did you know he has also lived with depression, anxiety, and addiction?

Following many controversies, after he was caught smoking marijuana on camera, he sought the help of licensed mental health professionals to come out on the other side of his illness. He has now gone on to create foundations to help others with their mental illnesses.

Serena Williams

Williams is another sports star who has openly struggled with depression. After her pregnancy, the tennis superstar struggled with postpartum depression, a condition that affects a staggeringly large number of women around the world, but one that is also not talked about often.

She experienced extreme feelings of hopelessness, suffered panic attacks, and lived with the fear that she would not be enough for her child, especially as a world-leading tennis athlete.

Mental illnesses do not discriminate and affect world-class athletes just like they could affect anyone. The openness and honesty with which Williams discussed her postpartum depression could lead more women, particularly women of color, to seek help instead of feeling ashamed and alone.

Williams has encouraged mothers around the world to seek the advice of licensed therapists and be an advocate for women’s health.

Simone Biles

This world champion and four-time Olympic gold medalist is one of the most successful gymnasts in sporting history. Biles has discussed her experience with severe depression following her history of being sexually abused.

The trauma associated with her experience rendered her unable to get out of bed for days on end. Biles has also lived with ADHD, for which she was diagnosed at the age of nine.

She has remained open about her mental health history and has reinforced on multiple occasions via interviews and tweets that there is nothing for her to be ashamed of. The gymnast has also shared her extremely positive experience with therapy and other medical treatments.

Terry Bradshaw

A world-renowned player, actor, and musician, Terry Bradshaw was an NFL star quarterback. More than 20 years ago, when mental health had more of a stigma associated with it than it often does now, he was diagnosed with depression, disordered substance use, insomnia, and anger issues.

Through years of therapy and medications, he learned to manage mental health and now leads a healthier life. Another thing that helped him recover was his faith, which can be an important part of recovery from alcohol addiction for some people.

Media Attention and Celebrity

The stories of these renowned athletes go to show that anybody in the world can be afflicted with mental health conditions, like anxiety or depression, and that there is truly nothing to be embarrassed about.

With the help of some resources and professionals, many mental disorders can be successfully managed. The prominent figures’ recovery stories highlight the importance of such professional tools; if they can be brave enough to publicly seek help with the world watching, consider that you can also seek the help you may need.


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