Photo by Nikki Zabihi

In a day and age where the competition on court is as fierce as ever, tennis players—now more than ever—need a shoe that can provide them with ample support and cushioning. Spending years collecting insight from their athletes, NikeCourt’s latest creation: The React Vapor NXT, has arrived.

New Tech in Town

Boasting a full-length, bootie-like fit which is covered with Flyweave material to provide exception support and ventilation, the React Vapor NXT is definitely not your traditional Vapor. Due to the React foam that has been injected into the heel of the shoe, the React Vapor NXT feels fundamentally different from the Vapor X.

We are also aware that there is a Vapor Pro on the way later this year, but for now, our React Vapor NXT will be compared with the Vapor X.

Photo: Nikki Zabihi

Different from the Vapor X

With the React Vapor NXT, there isn’t the springy-ness in the forefoot that is experienced with Vapor X, due in large part to the React technology that the NXT possesses. That said, what felt completely different in the React NXT compared with the Vapor X was a much smoother and connected feel to the court. We were able to push the traction and durability of this model a lot more because of its connected feel with the surface.

Layered React technology in the cushlon carrier foam did in fact provide unparalleled stability and lateral movement to all lengths of the court.

Weighing in at 15.8 ounces (size 10.5), the React NXT did provide great toe drag protection, and breathability, courtesy of the flyweave material found in many Nike basketball silhouettes.

Photo: Nikki Zabihi

A New Sole

A new enhanced herringbone pattern really did set the React Vapor NXT apart from its competition. Allowing experienced players to slide on hard-courts, while providing ample grip to cut the corners of the court with precision, the React Vapor NXT is a great practice and game-day shoe.

Featured at the Australian Open by Aryna Sabalenka, the React Vapor NXT has already become a hit on Tour.

Fit for You

Coming in with true-to-size length, a slightly low arch, narrow overall feel (even though the spec sheet claims that it’s medium width) and needing a slight break-in period to make them match-day ready, the React Vapor NXT will certainly take some getting use to compared with the Vapor X.

Photo: Nikki Zabihi

The Final Word

If you’re in the market for a highly technical sneaker with great aesthetic that is sure to leave many heads turning your way, then the React Vapor NXT is definitely worth a try this Spring/Summer. Those fans of the Vapor X, however, may want to wait until the Vapor Pro releases later this year as it will have more of a striped-down, traditional feel.

The NikeCourt React Vapor NXT retails for $160 USD for women and men and can be purchased at the following online stores:


TennisWarehouse (USA)


Tennis Giant (Canada)


  1. These shoes are terrible vs the vapor cage 4. Nike went with form over function when selecting upper materials. The rubber tire like upper on the right side digs into my toes when I step forward because the rubber is so dense. The inner lining is very thin and the lacing system does not go far enough forward. So what happens is you try and tighten up the wide toebox by cinching down the laces, but because the tongue lining is so thin the lace pressure transfers sharply to the top of my foot. The toebox is pretty wide, the toebox area feels sloppy. I typically wear a 10 D (regular width), these feel like a wide.


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