Tennis is one of the sports that attract the largest crowds and screen viewerships. The game has seen a lot of MVP and talented players over the years. There are several young players to look out for in the world of tennis with even teenage players particularly giving experienced players a run for their money. This makes wagering on tennis even more compelling and exciting when young players achieve surprise wins against the top players. Since a lot of bookmakers offer a live streaming function, punters can experience historic matches in real-time while at the same time having the opportunity to wager on live matches.

First and foremost, Boris Beckers Wimbledon win in 1985 should be mentioned when it comes to surprise wins. The German legend beat all the odds here and defeated Kevin Curren 6-3, 6-7, 7-6, 6-4. So, like in any other sport, when new talents like Boris Becker come in and take over, it is always wise to stay in the know and even benefit from it by placing successful wagers on bet365 & Co.

In this post, we look at the most aspiring make and female prospects in tennis.

The Most Aspiring Male Tennis Prospects

Below are some of the most promising male tennis players from different parts of the world:

1. Joe Salisbury

Joe Salisbury is one of the most aspiring male tennis players. The British tennis player is a doubles specialist. He reached his career-high by becoming the 3rd best doubles tennis player in the Association of Tennis Professionals. Joe Salisbury aspires to become one of the best tennis players in the world after winning the men’s doubles during the Australian Open 2020 tournament.

2. Alexander Zverev

At the moment, Alexander is the closest thing to a lock for the next big four in the world of Tennis. Zverev rose through the junior ranks and started making his mark when he became a 17-year-old pro. The German player became a regular and one of the most popular ATP and grand slam tournament players. In 2016, Alexander made history by defeating Federer during the 2016 Halle Open. He won three Masters 1000 titles in Rome, Canada, and Madrid. At the 2018 French Open, Zverev made his first quarterfinals appearance. He became the third in the world. Alexander is currently one of the top aspiring male tennis prospects. This means that he would be a good person to bet on.

3. Nick Kyrgios

Nick is a 23-year-old Australian tennis player. He has the most potential to become a Grand Slam winner. Nick broke into the tennis scene at Wimbledon in 2014 after reaching the quarterfinals as a wild card. While Nick has not had a tremendous amount of success in recent Grand Slam or ATP Tour Success, he still holds four titles and is one of the most aspiring male tennis prospects.

4. Denis Shapovalov

Denis Shapovalov is one of the youngest tennis players to enter the top 100. At 19 years old. Denis is yet to be considered a consistent contender. The Canadian teenager burst into the scenes when he reached the semifinals at the Canadian Open in 2017. He defeated Nadal and Juan Martin del Potro in the process. In his short time in the tennis scene, the 19-year-old has taken down some of the top players and rapidly climbed the tennis rankings. For this reason, he is one of the most aspiring male tennis prospects of all time.

The Most Aspiring Female Tennis Prospects

Below are some of the top females to watch out for when participating in tennis sports betting:

1. Anna Schmiedlova

This is one of the most aspiring female tennis prospects who broke into the scenes by beating one of the William Siblings at the French Open. This was a shock to so many people as Anna was unseeded at the time. While she is currently ranked 54th globally, Anna is a tennis player to look out for as she is climbing the ranks quickly.

2. Taylor Townsend

Taylor Townsend gained recognition in the tennis world when she debuted her impressive Grand Slam at the French Open. This was the 18-year-olds first Grand Slam Tournament. While she lost in the third round, she gained a reputation for her talent and prowess. Her second round was mostly a tough one, seeing that she played against Alize Cornet, one of the most renowned players in the sport. This is the main reason why she is on this list.

3. Elina Svitolina

Elina is the second-highest ranked teenage tennis player globally behind Madison Keys. While she is yet to make it past the second round in the Grand Slam, she has a couple of WTA titles and has become a feared player by her peers. Elina is currently one of the best female tennis prospects globally. While she has not received a lot of recognition since that 2013 moment, she remains high in the ranks when it comes to the most aspiring female tennis prospects in the world. When betting on America’s women’s tennis, you can at least count on her to be a tough opponent.

4. Sloane Stephens

Sloane Stephens is one of the most popular female tennis players, and she is known for falling out with Serena Williams when she beat her during the 2013 Australian Open. This was a groundbreaking moment for Sloan, given that Serena Williams is one of the best tennis players in the world. It would be safe to bet on her to win most matches she participates in.

5. Petra Kvitova

Petra is the most recent Wimbledon Champion. At only 24 years old, she displays such talent and prowess. She has had a five-year Grand Slam career and two wins in the five years. Petra became prominent in the world of tennis when she beat Eugenie Bouchard, making it a one-sided match.


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