Parimatch Sports provides you with you with raw and unfiltered sports news. Not only that, they have broken the barriers of language by providing you with sports news that are in both English and in Hindi. But that’s not all Parimatch Sports has to offer. Let’s take a deeper dive into the vast content of this sports website. 

The Journey of Parimatch

From superstars like Conor McGregor to legends like Mike Tyson today are the brand ambassadors of the Parimatch Company. But it wasn’t always like this. It started off in Ukraine as a betting company in 1994 and entered the Russian Market in 1998. After their website launched in the 2000’s they gradually moved to becoming one of the leading betting websites in the world. Spreading its wing across the world this behemoth of a company has more than 2000 employees working under it to serve its clients and consumers. 

Into Sports Media 

Parimatch Sports News and the company in India are the two biggest headliners that this medium has pulled off in 2020. This makes serving the Indian audience with sports news the primary objective of the Parimatch Sports News. 

  • It covers almost all the major sports from all over the world. Meaning it has something for everyone. But as it has its sights set on the Indian audience, it has made sure to work itself well up as the best website for providing news on Football and Cricket. 
  • Parimatch didn’t make it this far by being second in the line. They are quite familiar with what their competitors can offer and how they can compete with them. Referring to the fact that they will always try to provide the fastest news on the line. 
  • With a glorious background that the Parimatch Company itself has, it shouldn’t be an issue for the Parimatch Sports News to be considered as one of the most trustworthy news sites online. 


Love of the game and mass coverage of news is very important. But what is the credibility of a website if it doesn’t have a user friendly interface to it. So here are some of the criterias for a good website and how they are shared within the Parimatch Sports News website. 


  • Colour: It has a Yellow-Black-White colour to it which is quite similar to the original betting website. Aslo, it is pretty comfortable for the viewers’ eyes.
  • Navigation: The different sports are illustrated on the top of the bar. Users can easily select an option considering their choice of sports. The login method and the language changing method are the same as well. 
  • Layout: The layout is set up in a classic way with different sports headlining on the first page. But it starts with the free prizes they give away to their fans as a form of advertisement. 


What Sports Would YOU Like? 

Yes. The question isn’t: “What sports does the Parimatch Sports News cover?”, but which sports you would prefer. Because the humongous roaster of sports that this news website covers may even be a little too much to handle even for the most hardcore of fans. Here’s a look at the sports Parimatch News covers that you will most definitely love: 

  • Cricket
  • Football 
  • Tennis 
  • Kabaddi
  • Hockey
  • Badminton 
  • MMA
  • Boxing (Including both MMA and UFC)
  • Esports
  • Basketball
  • Wrestling
  • Baseball

So you should prepare and pick a sport first before entering the website to avoid getting lost in the sea of sports news that is offered. 

Why Should India Care? 

Parimatch News has made it their objective to provide everything they can to the huge number of sports enthusiasts in India. With that objective in mind, Partimatch launched its sports news outlet in India in 2020. Let’s take a look at what Parimatch news offers its Indian audience. 

    • Language: If one looks at the top right of the website and clicks “Hindi” then the whole website will change into a Hindi version. While the English version provides any sports enthusiast with more than ample information, Parimatch News believes the Hindi Language will always stay closer to the heart of its native speaker. 
    • Cricket: Rivalries are not always bad. For instance, The unrivaled love of cricket of the Indian people may very well be rivaled by Parimatch News itself. Because there is noway any media outlet can cover cricket the way Parimatch News does without being absolutely obsessed with it. Only the most charismatic cricket fans cover the news section of cricket in this media form. It is indeed a treat for any Indian fan who loves cricket. 


  • Gifts: Now here is something that everyone on this planet loves. Parimatch news offers giveaway prizes to its readers regularly. This gift offering is a great way to show love to their loyal Indian fans. 
  • Sponsorship: India has its fair share of love for football. Apparently, Parimatch News does as well. It is indeed a noticeable fact that in the short time Parimatch has been in India that they are already sponsoring two Indian football teams from the Hero Indian Super League. 
  • Communication: Fans can easily communicate with professionals through social media. It has become a rich environment of discussion as a result of the active and regular response from the team of Parimatch News. 


Social Communication

Behind the well organized business model lies its social platforms. Its reporters and the fans must have a common ground made out of pure love for sports. And what better way to connect with the fans then with social media? Parimatch Sports News is in almost all the major social media platforms that includes:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram 
  • Youtube
  • Telegram 

These are the platforms used by our company to create unity of sports among the fans through the virtual world. We even have a newsletter if the fans want to sign up to it.

Final Verdict

It takes small steps to start the journey of walking towards the halls of greatness. In the case of Parimatch news, they have taken a straight leap of faith towards the sports enthusiasts and especially towards the fans in India. They are not just looking to provide sports news for them. As they are funding the Indian football teams to improve the sport itself. Considering the active communication and enhancement of sports by the media, it seems that Parimatch Sports News is offering more than just news and rather offering a relationship to the people of India.


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