Lyon, France – It turned heads throughout the French Open last September, especially when the Spanish champion celebrated his 20th Grand Slam victory by waving it in the air. The Babolat Pure Aero Rafa, Rafael Nadal’s very first signature racquet, and its matching bag are now on sale. Great news for fans!

Photo courtesy of Babolat.

The Pure Aero Rafa racquet was developed in collaboration with the player by Babolat, which has been supplying him with equipment since the start of his tennis career. Its exclusive new graphic design matches the player’s personality and distinctive gameplay. Rafael Nadal chose a combination of warm, explosive colors with dominant tones of yellow, purple and orange. The name of the player, RAFA, in capitals, and the model, Pure Aero, stand out in purple letters on the throat.

” I like powerful, bright colors, and I like this racquet, it’s definitely me. We worked with Babolat to make it happen. And I’m really pleased with it. It’s important to feel good on court. I really hope players enjoy it,” said Rafael Nadal of his new racquet.

Photo courtesy of Babolat.

And since there’s only one Rafa, he’s also the only professional player on the circuit to use the racquet, giving fans a unique opportunity to feel even closer to their favorite champion.

The specs of the Pure Aero Rafa are the same as the regular Pure Aero. Invented in 2005 by Babolat to support Nadal and players from his professional team in their quest to achieve the ultimate performance, the Aero is the leading powerful racquet specially adapted for extreme lift, which in addition to the world’s first aerodynamic frame, supports offensive gameplay and pushes opponents behind the baseline. One Babolat Pure Aero racquet, the specialist French brand’s leading model, is sold every two minutes around the world!

This year promises even more excitement for Rafa as he takes on the sizeable challenge of securing his record-breaking 21st Grand Slam title, once again with his Babolat Pure Aero racquet in hand.

”Rafa’s passion, commitment and perseverance are beyond compare,” says Antoine Ballon, Tennis Sport Director at Babolat. ” He constantly rewrites tennis history, and he’s just inches away from an incredible record. To mark 20 years of their historic partnership, Babolat wanted to create a special racquet that highlights the brand’s commitment to this exceptional player and allows fans around the world to support his quest to achieve the ultimate performance.”

The racquet will be available in adult and junior versions (Pure Aero Rafa JR 26). The range includes a special matching bag with a capacity for 12 rackets.

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