Wagering on tennis has grown in popularity in recent times. While it is not at the level of football or basketball wagering yet, it is noticeably building on many gambling platforms. Today, you can place wages on tennis matches at many casino websites that also have a sportsbook.

However, it is very important to be familiar with the different types of wagers. It’s also important to know the rules relating to the validity of wagers if a match is cancelled or a player retires. We’ll cover all this and more in this article.

How to Wager on Tennis

Like the variety of games available at Platincasino there are many types of tennis wagers. There is the Outright Wager where you put your money on a specific player to win a tournament. Another popular wager is the Match Wager where you wager on the results of a single match.

Over/Under wagers relate to the number of games played in a particular match. You wager on whether the game will be longer or shorter than predicted. Handicap wagering tries to even out the odds by either giving the weaker player an advantage (positive handicap) or vice versa. Lastly, with in-play wagering you can wager on many factors during ongoing matches.

What Are Retirement Rules?

Different sportsbooks have different retirement rules that apply when a player fails to complete a match. One rule is “Ball Served” which states that a ball should be served at least once for your wager to be valid. If you wager on the player who retires after the first serve, you lose the wager. However, if you wager on the remaining player, you win.

Then there are “1 Set Completed” and “2 Sets Completed” rules. These rules state that at least one or two sets, respectively must be completed in a match for wagers to remain valid. However, some sportsbooks will simply void wagers for retirements, so do check the T&Cs carefully.

Other Wagers to Look Out For

Other wagers include the Walkover where a player lands a victory when the opponent fails to complete the match. Then there is the Weather Delay Wager. This is where a match is cancelled due to bad weather. As a result, all wagers remain unsettled till the game is held again.

Some sportsbooks also offer spread wagers. You can either wager on set spreads or match spreads. You are wagering that one player will win a set number of games or sets more than the other player. Tennis also offers the possibility of prop wages such as the number of aces served in a match and more.


Tennis provides a wide variety of wagers to place your money on. These wagers can be placed on matches in different leagues including the ATP World Tour and the WTA Tour. However, the largest and the most lucrative tennis tournaments available for wagering are the four Grand Slam tournaments. These are the US Open, Australian Open, French Open, and Wimbledon. Both men and women feature in the Grand Slam schedule. However, before putting your hard-earned money on the line, always make sure that you understand the odds offered by sportsbooks in these tournaments.


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