Reviewing the adidas adizero Ubersonic 4 Top Secret

Continuing to create functional, yet fashionable footwear, the latest iteration of the Ubersonic 4 Top Secret is sure to turn heads all around the world.

adidas Tennis took feedback from play-testers and fans alike to create the Ubersonic 4. Blending the best characteristics of the Ubersonic 2 and 3, adidas certainly upped their game with this latest offering to provide a flexible and light ride.

Continuing with the trend of producing a glove-like fit to this series, the Ubersonic 4 features medium width with a medium arch and no break-in period required. Weighing in at 13.5 ounces, the Ubersonic 4 is also highlighted by a multi tread adiwear rubber compound, which works well on any playing surface.

The agile nature of the silhouette is further amplified by the Primeknit, sock-like feel, that has become synonymous with the Ubersonic line. Most manufacturers are headed in this direction, and for those players that have a narrower foot shape, the Ubersonic series will continue to provide ample support and comfort.

Midsole is Memorable

The most memorable feature of the Ubersonic 4 remains its midsole cushioning. No discomfort was felt at all around the court, and the responsive feel complemented the surprisingly durable sole. Typically, speed oriented shoes are not the most durable, but for those players that love light footwear and don’t want to sacrifice durability, the Ubersonic 4 is perhaps the best option you’ll have on the market.

All in all, for a price point of $129.95 USD, the Ubersonic 4 will continue to grace the feet of many top level players during the 2021 season. 
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