Naomi Osaka adds several brands to her growing endorsement

Naomi Osaka is a Japanese tennis star and she has now become a brand ambassador for highly luxurious Swiss watch brand Tag Heuer, one of the best watch brands there is in the worldwide. This is her now second endorsement deal that has been announced last year by Naomi after she has been confirmed as the face of Louis Vuitton.

Osaka, who has won the Grand Slam three-time, has joined the steps of tennis player Petra Kvitova and also golfer Tommy Fleetwood regarding becoming Tag Heuer’s ambassador. In fact, this is a seven-figure deal for her, which is very lucrative. And, for the brand, it’s very important to have someone like Naomi has an ambassador. And when In case, If you’re feeling bored and want to relax after work or even during the weekend, then there is a way for you to do it very easily. Playing at an online casino with no deposit bonus latest is the best you can do if you want to have some fun plus win some money. There are several of types of games available for you, which means you can choose from those and even try new ones that will be added to the casino.

She stated that she’s excited and also honored to join Tag Heuer and being their brand ambassador. It’s a partnership that exemplifies what they share regarding their mindset plus values. The brand’s incredible motto “Don’t crack under pressure”, she said, speaks to the way she lives her life both on and also off the court. She was named among SportsPro’s ten influencers for 2021.

This new sponsorship deals both with Tag Heuer and also with Louis Vuitton arrive just on the right time of an eventful 2020 for Naomi, who on her way to winning the US Open for a second time last September was highly praised for raising awareness regarding society issues due to her support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Tag Heuer’s chief executive Frédéric Arnault stated that they’re incredibly proud to have Osaka to join the family. Her athletic record and also commitment to excellence are outstanding but what’s more impressive is her passionate spirit and drive for advocacy, which is an inspiration for a lot of people.

Last year Osaka overtook Serena William as the highest-paid female athlete, according to Forbes, that estimated that she earned around US$34 million in 2020 from her endorsement deals only from MasterCard, Nike and Nissin, among others.

Osaka is definitely a woman that has a lot of strength and she knows what she is doing. Being one of the most known female athletes all over the world gives her a lot authority and this helps her to talk about the Black Lives Matter movement, which she has been doing for a long time. Even last year, during her events, she wore masks with the name of the victims of police brutality.

She is surely someone with whom you want to have an endorsement, especially if you have the right values and the right attitude towards society. Although she is only 23-year-old, she knows where she stands and, therefore, she will fight for her place and for other people’s place as well. She comprehends very well what’s needed in society and she tries to help as much as she can.

She never changed her values and, in fact, she has worked with them with the brands that have endorsed her, which is a huge advantage. This is to show that it’s possible to work with brands such as Nike or even others, without losing your own values. In fact, they are able to enhance them. These brands are even becoming more aware of what’s wrong in society and are inviting celebrities (especially athletes) to collaborate with them in order to get people’s attention regarding those problems.

Naomi, due to her uniqueness, gets a lot of attention, especially because she won three Grand Slam previously. Therefore, she’s the heroine of a lot of people, mostly female tennis players who want to grow and be like her. Thankfully, Osaka, with only 23-year-old, has the possibility to grow even more and, who knows, she can achieve even more.

This tennis player will definitely continue growing and she might become the best player of all times, even better than Serena Williams. Of course, this will take a long time but it’s totally doable, especially when she’s incredibly talented when it comes to tennis. Who knows what the future has reserved for her.


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