Tennis is a racket sport that is usually played individually against a single opponent. However, there are instances wherein it can also be played by two players against an opposing team with the same number of players. If you are a tennis player who is keen on trying out new sports this year, regardless of whether it involves a racket or not, then read on. This article lists down some of the new sports that you should give a try.

Rafael Nadal enjoys ping pong as well as golf on his days off.

Table Tennis

As a tennis player, one of the new sports that you should give a try this year is table tennis or sometimes referred to as ping pong. Much like tennis, you need to be able to return a ball to your opponent in a manner that will be difficult for them to hit. The main difference between tennis and ping pong is the use of a table.

Make sure to exert the extra effort to research and explore online sources if you intend to buy a ping pong table. In this way, you will have a good idea of how to compare the best Ping Pong tables that you will be able to find. Aside from the table though, even the racket that you need to use for a game of table tennis is also different, which means that your grip needs to adjust accordingly.


If you want to steer clear of tennis for a while, but not fully give up on racket sports, then another new sport that you should give a try this year is badminton. With badminton, you will play with a shuttlecock rather than a ball that you need to pass to your opponent. Like with tennis, you can play badminton individually against another player, or form a team of two to go against another duo.


Squash can be considered as one of the best racket sports that you should try this year. Apart from boosting your hand-eye coordination, it is also a complete body workout in under an hour. With squash, it is not only your physical skills that are pushed to the limits, but your mental skills as well to anticipate where you need to be in the court to ensure a great hit.


Finally, you should also consider playing golf this year. While this is no longer a racket sport, you will still be able to practice hand grip and swing. However, rather than returning a ball to an opponent, your main objective with golf is to shoot the ball in the target hole in the fewest attempts possible. In this case, your main opponent is not the other players in the game, but yourself.

The sports listed above are only some that you should try this year. Most still involve the use of a racket, which proves to be beneficial since you get to enhance your grip techniques. In case you are looking to break free from racket sports, then consider sports such as basketball or volleyball instead. Regardless of which sport you try, the important thing is for you to enjoy the overall experience.



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