The Game of Tennis has been around since the late 1800’s. Since then, it has grown to be one of the most spectacular and widely viewed sports on the planet. It’s also played by millions upon millions of people worldwide, both just for fun and on a professional level, making it the most important thing in their lives. Some players have taken this so far that they have achieved more than anyone else would imagine achieving, and have stepped up to stand amongst the best tennis players who ever lived.

These players have shown us what the sport is made of and what one can bring themselves too if they devote themselves a hundred and ten percent towards something that they feel passionate about. They defy all odds and keep breaking records while making it seem effortless. These players are favourites amongst sports wagering and online casinos as seen on this site, due to their almost unbeatable attitude and extremely reliable skills that sometimes guarantee them wins, making them almost unmatched.

Roger Federer, born on the eighth of August, 1981, is a Swiss professional Tennis player who is one of the richest athletes alive. He won over $130 million USD in prize money throughout his career, in which he clutched 103 titles, 20 of them being Grand Slam Singles titles, having won 8 in Wimbledon, 6 in Australia, 5 in the U.S.A and one in France. Federer was also ranked number one Tennis player in the world for a total for 310 weeks, 237 of them being consecutive! At 39 years old, he is still playing amongst the highest level competitions, and still shows the same level of intimidation that he did at his prime.

Rafael Nadal, a Spaniard born on the third of June, 1986, is also one of the most popular names in tennis to this day. He has been playing professional Tennis for 20 years now and he managed to win 86 titles in his career in total, also winning 20 Grand slam titles, matching up with Federer! He even won a Gold Olympic Medal in the Beijing Summer Olympics of 2008. The only thing setting him back from being the best tennis player in the world is his recurring knee tendonitis and wrist injuries, however, he still managed to clutch the second place spot under Federer, which is amazing.

Novak Djokovic, is a Serbian Pro Tennis player born in 1987 on 22nd of May. He turned professional in 2003 and is now living in Monte Carlo, France. He won a total of 81 career titles, 17 grand slam singles titles, and is currently holding the number 1 tennis player of the year award. He’s close to reaching Federer’s titles, and he still has the chance, being 6 years younger than him. He has the chance to make it even further forward, becoming
one of the best players in history.


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