Earlier this month, PlayFantasyTennis.com was launched, a website that aims to make tournaments more enjoyable for tennis fans. Their website allows you to create or join a tennis bracket (pool) and track your team’s progress on a live leaderboard. 

PlayFantasyTennis.com brings a new twist by approaching fantasy tennis on a tournament by tournament basis. Any given bracket will only last for the duration of the tournament. Players are separated into tiers by the bracket administrator and users select their favourite pick(s) from each category for the tournament. Points are awarded to each player on your team as the tournament progresses for winning games, sets, and matches. Points are also docked from players for losing games and losing sets.

The website has free public brackets with cash prizes that you can join on your own to see how your predictions score up against the rest of the world. Customizable private pools are also available if you want to battle it out with your group of friends.

Currently the website offers brackets for the following tours:

Men’s & Women’s Grand Slams

ATP 1000 

ATP 500

WTA Premier 

To stay connected, join the PlayFantasyTennis.com Facebook group at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/playfantasytennis 

Check them out at: https://playfantasytennis.com/




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