Wagering on professional tennis is a popular pastime for many people, but it can be an intimidating hobby to get into if you are not up to speed with the different options available.

For anyone who finds themselves in this situation, our brief guide to tennis wagering types will equip you with the information you need to place wagers with confidence.

Backing a particular player

The most straightforward betting you can do on a tennis match is to pick one of the two high-ranked players involved and back them to take home an overall win. This is more generally known as moneyline wagering, so if you ever see that phrase crop up, this is what it means.

Even within this category, there are sub-varieties of moneyline wagering that can be done in a tennis context. For example, you may choose to wager that one player wins a given set, such as the first, meaning you will get a payout if they achieve this even if they end up losing the match overall.

As a starting point, a moneyline wager is a good place for tennis fans to find their feet. And for some people, it is the only type of wager they ever feel the need to make, as it is a good way of showing support for your favourite athlete, or making a match between two players you are indifferent towards more interesting.

Predicting the game spread

The second most common type of tennis wagering you will encounter is game spread wagering. This refers to estimating how many games you think will separate the two players once all is done and dusted.

For example, you could bet on your favoured player winning the match with an overall lead of five games in hand over their opponent, which would rely on them bringing sets to a close in a dominant fashion, rather than pushing them closer to the edge with tighter 6-4 victories.

You can also choose to bet on the set spread, perhaps wagering that a player will win in straight sets without dropping one to their competition. This functions in much the same way as game spread wagering, but has fewer possible outcomes and so usually offers lower odds and payouts as a result.

Wagering on total games played

You can place what is known as an over/under wager on tennis matches, and this is another simple yet potentially appealing way to experience what sports wagering has to offer.

The basic premise is that you make a guess ahead of the match how many games will be played in total over its entire duration. If you are right, you win, and if you are wrong the cash is kept by the bookmaker with whom you place the wager.

Obviously it is sensible to make a realistic bet here, as there is always a set minimum number of games which a tennis match has to last for, varying from the men’s and women’s. Keep this in mind and always check the odds for a given wager before you commit.

Alternative options

Now that you have an understanding of the most commonly encountered types of wagering that are available for tennis fans, it is worth mentioning that bookmakers can also provide a variety of other operator-specific forms of wagering to customers.

This can include in-play wagers, which are essentially wagers you can make in real time that factor in the current state of the game. You can also find more outlandish propositions on offer, including the ability to bet on the likelihood of a tie break occurring in a tournament final, for example.

Remember to check the terms and conditions of making a wager, and set a wagering budget, to ensure you can have fun without taking things too far.



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