People from different parts of the world love to bet on sports, especially if they have a favorite team. Besides all team-based sports that wagerers usually punt on, there is one individual sport that’s becoming really popular, and that’s tennis.

It has some of the most impressive tournaments in the world that often have millions of viewers. Besides those that are a part of the Grand Slam, there are all sorts of other events that you can wager on.

Before you take a look at what’s available, we’d like to list the most common tennis wagering market. Most of them should be available on every bookmaker, so don’t worry.

To win the match

The first market can be found across every sport, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that it is also available for tennis. If you decide to wage on it, you have to choose one of the two players you believe will win.

However, choosing the winner of a given match is easier said than done because there are many things that you need to consider. Luckily, you can read the expert tips on how to wager on tennis and use them when you decide you’re ready.

Don’t forget to read as much information as possible about the two tennis players before choosing the one you think will win.

First Set Winner

This a classic market for tennis, where you have to pick which player would win the first set. If one of the two players is higher in the rank list than the other, the odds for him will be significantly lower. However, there have been many matches where the “underdog” manages to snatch the first set, so you need to be careful.

Total games in the first set

Another famous market that you can try out is the one where you need to predict the total games in the first set. What’s interesting about this is that there are two variations you can pick from. The first one will allow you to select a number (let’s say below 8 in total), whereas the second one will require you to choose the exact number of games.

Usually, the second option usually has outstanding odds, but it’s also difficult to predict.

The first set score

The first set score is a market where you can pick which player you think will score the set’s first point. In most cases, this market will be available in the pre-match selection. However, you can also find it among the live betting market for some of the most significant events, such as Roland-Garros.

Match Handicap

The last market that we want to include in his article is the match handicap. There are all sorts of different handicap versions, so it all depends on which bookie you choose to bet on.

In most cases, this market will either add or remove a certain number of games from one of the two players. What makes it attractive is the odds, which are usually really good compared to other options.


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