Tennis is one of the most exciting sports to engage. It comes with fame and fortune as well as individual rewards since you will not be depending on the efforts of any team mates. With the most successful persons being of a young age, you can get help with homework to allow you more time on the court for practice.

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The nature of tennis makes it one of the most competitive sports you will ever engage. It explains why there are so many amateurs yet only a few people break into professional level. How can you guarantee a chance among the best tennis players in the world? Here are professional tips from top coaches who have handled the best players in the world.

  1. Train Hard

It takes years to get to world’s top ranking. It also takes a lot of practice to get to the highest standards in the game. There is no defining the number of hours you need to train to be a top tennis player. What is certain is the need to put extra hours when training.

Start training from an early age. You will be more flexible and gain confidence early through junior competitions. However, if the passion for tennis has developed later in life or you did not find the best facilities at a young age, you can start the career at any point.

Identify the right training equipment for your age, body size, and budget. Schools provide training facilities while you may also enroll into a private sports club. The right training environment and equipment are necessary to help you develop your skills systematically so that you can match the best in the industry.

2. Compete

Compete at every opportunity you find. Do not underrate your skills until they have been tested on the court. In fact, you might think that you have sharpened these skills during practice until you play a competitive game.

Part of competition involves assessing your skills against your level a few days ago. Identify areas that need improvement and dedicate time to sharpen these elements. Competitions put you under pressure and test your performance in a real situation.

Choose competitions that are within your range of skills. Competing with people below your standards is deceitful because you think that you are good. On the other hand, avoid competing with players several levels above you. They are likely to beat you on every game. It becomes demoralizing such that you lose confidence in your skills.

Participate in competitions locally before going to state level, national, or international. Hire a professional coach or manager who understands competitions. Collect as much data as possible from these competitions. It helps you to identify the areas that need improvement before the next competition. Once you begin winning early, your confidence levels will grow. You also begin building a name that opens opportunities for future competitions.

3. Be Unique

Tennis players are known for their uniqueness. Some play a power game while others are wittier.

Others are identified by their prowess on grass or on clay. Choose an edge that becomes your identify. You create a niche through which the tennis fraternity identifies you.

While you copy the skills and tactics of winning professional players, you must develop an identifier. A lot of other amateur players are also copying the skills and tricks of the icons you are watching. Such copying denies you the competitive ability. As a result, you will be easily beaten in competitions.

Identify the practice regime that works best for you. Choose the foods that will match your energy demands and nutritional needs. Endeavour to redefine the industry by offering a unique playing technique that other people cannot match. Have a few tricks up your sleeves to unleash when you need to win a game.

Being a top tennis player demands personal effort. Watch the tactics and practice routines of world beating tennis players to gauge your level of competition. Grow your skills and confidence gradually without exhausting your energy. Compete at different levels and learn lessons that help you to improve on performance. Hire a coach and train using standard facilities and equipment to sharpen your skills in readiness for a competitive tennis career.


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