Every tennis stroke is unique and beautiful in its own way. Over the past century, players have perfected their moves, and each year we see another player breaking records for the fastest serve or the strongest shots. This what makes tennis an entertaining and thrilling sport. You never know what will happen next.

But next to the usual nerve-wracking matches, there come a few seconds in which the players leave the audience flabbergasted. And the best part is, these events usually happen when you least expect them. You might be wondering what moments are we talking about? Well, these are the moments when some of the greatest players in the
world achieve an unexpected, mindblowing, impossible-to-make shot, and leave to opponent speechless.

There’s no way for these shots to be predicted. Even if you are an avid fan of wagering who has explored all colorado wagering apps, these moments will catch you by surprise. But it can be useful to know more about them if you like to make an occasional wager on a tennis match since mostly the same group of people tend to make them happen.

So for all wagering fans out there who want to learn more about the greatest tennis shots of all time, and those who just enjoy watching tennis here’s the list of moments when top ATP players have left us breathless.

U.S. Open 2014 – Novak Djokovic

In the U.S. Open 2014 match between the current number 1 of the ATP list Novak Djokovic and Diego Schwartzman, the time stopped after Djokovic took a wide shot and flipped it back around the net with a sliding forehand. From an impossible situation, Djokovic brought amazed the audience with this winner.

Stockholm Open 2014 – Grigor Dimitrov

After hitting an amazing shot behind his back, Dimitrov made his opponent Jack Sock run across the court with another shot that he made between his legs. These shots were so incredible that Sock had to pay his respect to Dimitrov by giving him a fist-bump after the match was over.

French Open 2011 – Kim Clijsters

Some of the greatest shots in tennis were also achieved with a little bit of luck on the side of the player who made them. That was the case of an impossible situation during the French Open 2011 when Kim Clijsters hit the net and everyone thought it would go out of bounds. This would mean that the point would go to her opponent. However, luck had
smiled upon Clijsters, and the ball bounced a second time on the net post, falling on the opponent’s line.

Madrid 2010 – Roger Federer

This list wouldn’t be complete without one of the greatest players of all time. Roger Federer has been keeping the audience on their toes for a long time with his sophisticated and precise shots. His masterful skills left his opponent Ernest Gulbis confused after he achieved one of the most perfect winners after faking a move in one direction and sending the ball to another.

Australian Open 2015 – Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova was always one of the best tennis players but for some reason, her matches with Serena Williams always ended with Williams being the dominant one. However, things took an expected course at Australian Open 2015 when Sharapova achieved an amazing drop shot that left Williams completely speechless.

Halle 2013 – Gael Monfils

The French tennis player had always had an affinity towards spectacular shots. But the one he managed to do against Tommy Haas at Halle 2013, was out-of-this-world. First, Monfils allowed Haas’s ball to pass through his leg, and then swiftly turned around a sending the ball to Haas in return. The point lasted for a few more strokes, ending with a point for Monfils.

Australian Open 2010 – Andy Murray

Who doesn’t like wide shots? Well, we certainly do if they are made by Andy Murray. Australian Open 2010 audience was witness to one of his greatest wide shots. He played against Marin Cilic, he sent a hardball toward Murray. Murray took the return and sent it straight through the space between the umpire’s chair and the net, achieving a forehand


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