A good tennis player is not made just by knowing the strategies while on the court. It takes hard work, perseverance and athletic abilities. Why do top tennis players like Jo Wilfried Tsonga happen to fall while Novak Djokovic rises to popularity? There are many elements that affect the downfall and the survival of others.

A Good Tennis Player Is Versatile

Those who know how to remain in their comfort zone win a Grand Slam… but those who are versatile, win multiple Slams. Surely, most players can hit with their forehand with greater force, compared to their backhand. But only the great ones can hit winners from both wings. A good tennis player has got solid serving skills and knows the fundamentals of groundstrokes. In an instant, they may send a backhand slice towards the baseline or catch the opponent off-guard with a small and sneaky drop shot.

A Good Tennis Player Has Good Body Language

What is common between the great players like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Andy Roddick and David Ferrer? They all give off some level of confidence when they are both on the court and off the court. Each of them has their body language and they know patience, humbleness and how to maintain eye contact at all time. These little gestures might look trivial, but it is these little things that paint the bigger picture, a tennis player that fears nothing and walks with an air of confidence.

A Good Tennis Player Has The Battle Spirit

Battle spirit is above all the qualities when it comes to games with opponents. Because if you do not possess a fighting nature, you will not be able to perform beyond your limits. Tennis is a sport that will test your character as well as your strength. And the greatest tennis players love to build better battle spirits by going for battle spirit development. The exercise involves activities on how to deal with failures and by mentally recovering as soon as you can.

A Good Tennis Player Knows His Serves

Andre Agassi is popular because of his powerful return serves and so are Serena and Venus Williams. They are the proofs that a good tennis player should know the basics, even master with excellence his serves. Concentration on the ball during the serve already places the player one step ahead in gaining victory. If anyone is weak at his returning serves, it can cost the match because it will grant the opponent an advantage based on a weakness that he can continue to exploit during the game.

To become a good player in any sports, practice is important and some best practices need to be applied. Some might take sports more like a fun game. While sports like football inspired the creation of games, tennis is not to be left behind as well. At Kitty Bingo site, you may browse through a series of sport-related slots that might be of your fancy. From football to golf, find them all under one roof.

Are you a tennis player and looking to bring perfection in your play? Now you know what traits to adopt!


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