Top Tips On How To Pick Up A Tennis Racket

Buying a perfect tennis racket is not an easy task, especially when you are a beginner in this kind of sport. What features should you pay attention to? How to pick up the best racket for your needs? Discover the hottest tips on how to make a successful purchase right in this post.

Before You Start

Choosing a perfect tennis racket usually requires plenty of time and effort. In most cases, you will need to see and try various rackets to find out the most fitting option. Therefore, it is better to make sure you have enough time for shopping. But what if you are a busy student who wants to become a pro player but fails to start a career due to tons of assignments? This issue can be easily solved. Just choose a reputable service to get a professional college paper help and forget about all the problems with writing essays. The expert writers will complete all your assignments when you are choosing the most convenient tennis racket.

Clarify Your Purpose

The most important thing you should begin with is to choose the purpose of buying a tennis racket. Are you planning to become a professional player? Want to take part in the local competition? Or just consider this kind of sport one of your hobbies? The answers to all these questions will help you choose a tennis racket according to your particular needs. The fact is that there are tennis rackets for beginners and for professional players. It is vital to understand the difference between these two alternatives.

Know Your Body Size

There is nothing new that all tennis rackets are different. Some will be suitable for tall people, while the other might be great for miniature individuals. Moreover, tennis players usually have different strengths. For example, skilled and professional players who are strong and fit usually choose rackets that allow them to get more control. This way, it is better to pick up a tennis racket with not a wide frame. The secret is that the wider frame of your tennis racket is, the more power it is likely to give you. This means choosing a racket with a wide frame might be an excellent option for newbie players.

Understand Your Style Of Play

Most players have a defensive or aggressive style of play. In case you are a defensive player, you can pick up a narrower framed rocket. Oppositely, the aggressive style players prefer more powerful rackets.

Choose A Proper Weight

The weight of the tennis racket is one of its most important features. Moreover, it significantly impacts the performance of a particular player. The average weight of a tennis racket is about 9-11 ounces. On the one hand, in case you need more control over your racket and make it easier to maneuver, it is better to stick to a lighter racket. On the other hand, heavier rackets are usually more powerful.

Choose A Perfect Length

The average length of a standard adult tennis racket is 27 inches. In case you are planning to take part in different competitions, it is necessary to know that 29 inches is the maximum length allowed for playing tournaments. The trick is that longer rackets can help you provide better groundstrokes and make your hit more powerful. Still, it has some drawbacks, too. Thus, longer rackets are not as easily controlled as short alternatives. Therefore, short rackets are good for smaller players who are new to the area. Here is a list of racket sizes to pick up:

19-23 inches: good for kids under 8 years
23-25 inches: great for children aged 8-10 years
26 inches: excellent for players adjusting to the 78-foot court
Pick Up A Fitting Material

The majority of tennis rackets are made from graphite since it is cheap and light-weighted. This type of racket is usually recommended for beginners. Still, there are many rackets that are made from titanium or aluminum. These are more expensive alternatives that are designed mostly for expert players. By the way, Boron, kevlar, and carbon fiber rackets are considered to be the priciest options on the market.

Choosing the best tennis racket might often appear to be very difficult. However, try to keep in mind the parameters described above to make your choice much easier. Moreover, in case you are a beginner player, you might just choose a racket that is convenient and easy-to-use regardless of its particular features. This will help you enjoy the game and complete all the amateur tournaments more successfully. It is also not necessary to pick up the most expensive rackets on the market since beginner players might just fail to notice the difference between a cheap and pricy alternative. By the way, most tennis players choose their rackets in sports shops rather than on e-commerce websites. This allows them to take the racket, try it, and make sure it is good before making a final purchase.


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