With major tournaments taking place almost every other time of the year, in virtually all
countries of the world, punters have a reason to smile to the bank every time a match is played.

Many bookmakers across the world recently added tennis to their list of games to allow wagerers to increase their chances of winning. This is because of all the other sports you can wager on; tennis is one of the easiest to win.

Understanding Tennis Odds

As with all other forms of betting, one should always go for a sport that has better odds, thus presenting a chance of getting good returns. With its increasing popularity, tennis has some of the best odds to wager on, with almost sure market returns. The odds of tennis are mostly presented in three unique ways:

– Fractional – Popular format in the UK and Ireland
– Decimal – This is popular across Europe and the southern hemisphere.
– Moneyline – Popular in North America.

No matter how good a punter or tipster is, all sporting events are open to human error. This means that anything can happen while playing, making wagering the opposite of an exact science.

However, if you have been in the industry long enough, you will understand that the laws of probability and statistics will always come in handy in determining the possible outcome of a match.

Regardless of what matches you wish to place a stake on, which country you’re from, the amount you’re willing to wager with, or most importantly the bookmaker you are using, you still have to follow a few basic rules that have kept seasonal wagerers better in their trade.

Luckily for you, people have compiled a list of four tips that any person can use to become
successful wagering. Let’s jump right into them:

Interpret the stats and form correctly

Just like in any other sport like joker123, tennis has its fans, and every one of them has their favorite players or teams. However, if you plan to wager on tennis, you have to set aside your emotions and rely on statistics. Even if your best player is taking up an opponent in a match, do not be too quick to place a wager on them just yet.

The first thing to do is to study their current form and previous statistics. Find out how they have been fairing on for the last couple of matches and see where their key strengths lie. If they took a dip in a previous tournament, find out why. How long have they been away from a major match?

Some sites will get you these stats whenever you plan on playing. Others will even allow you to play games such as joker388 while comparing tennis stats.


The famous adage of don’t bite more than you can chew applies here. Seasoned tennis wagerers have found a single area of expertise and decided to know it in-out, and they’re aware of almost everything in it; hence, making it possible for them to predict the outcomes.

Find a specific tennis niche that you’re more comfortable with and more interested in. Is it men’s tennis? Women’s tennis? The challenger circuit or the Grand Slam event? Likewise, only focus on the wager types and markets that you’re also familiar with and can easily make a prediction.

Some professionals go for mostly handicaps while others focus on developing strategies for
getting value in both sets and game totals. Find your niche and perfect it.

Beware of the playing styles

Thanks to platforms such as YouTube, one can now find video footage of any major players or matches played during any major tournaments. If you are not well familiar with the players, you’d like to place a wager on, you should first understand their mode of playing, assess, and relate it to a particular scene.

Find out how they play in both a service game and a return one. Look at how they maximize their strengths (if any). Is the player a baseliner, a big server, big forehand or backhand, a serve-volleyer, etc. This information will come in handy when looking at the probability of a player winning a match, and how.

Choose the best bookmakers

The internet is filled with many wagering sites. You’ll limit yourself if you only checked out the odds provided by one. Look for sites that also offer other wagering options. You get to enjoy wagering on tennis, getting better returns, and still play other forms of games.


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