Serena and Venus Williams continue to shape the way tennis is played. An innovated, online opportunity to meet Serena Williams awaits, courtesy of NikeCourt.

Narrated by Venus Williams, Nike’s new film titled ‘You Can’t Stop Sisters’ begins with, “Ever since we were little girls, you’ve compared us to each other,” and ends with Venus concluding, “It’s funny, you saw two tennis players trying to win a game. We saw two sisters changing it.” 

Photo courtesy of Nike

Since the moment Venus and Serena stepped on to a tennis court, the sport was forever altered by the game-changing talents of the Williams Sisters. The film focuses on how they have not only changed the sport of tennis, but how they’ve lifted each other up at every step of their journey – one that’s unparalleled in tennis history.  It highlights the power of sport and sisterhood – in all its forms – to help others succeed.

Open Court with Serena

In addition to the film, on Thursday, Sept. 3, Nike invites the next generation of female athletes to join Open Court with Serena — an exclusive conversation with Serena Williams hosted by actress, Storm Reid, a younger sister herself. In a discussion that inspires and empowers girls both on and off the court, Serena shares her thoughts and lessons on building confidence in life and sport, emphasizing health and wellness, and the power of sisterhood. A sneak peak of the conversation is available to view here.

Open Court with Serena is a fully digital, interactive experience that is Nike member gated and continues the ‘You Can’t Stop Sisters’ theme with a one-of-a-kind platform to further engage female athletes of the future.  In addition to the conversation with Serena, Open Court also features a virtual tennis game, custom design generator and list of local community resources to stay active.

Nike Open Court with Serena Williams opens for Nike Members on 9/3 at 12PM EST.


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