If you love tennis and looking to master the art like a pro, then you are in the right place. Look no further and continue with the article where you will learn tips and tricks which no one else will teach you.

The three Rs

Be READY to face the ball
READ its speed, path, and angle
REACT to the ball by properly positioning yourself

Get fit before you find a coach

Once you have decided to learn tennis, take the necessary steps right away. There is no right time to start doing the right thing. At times, the climatic conditions might not favor your decision.

Start with the basic exercises like running 3 to 6 months before starting the practice, to get fit. In this case, the main goal must be getting used to the increased heart rate. Running, in the long run, increases vigor and endurance.

Learn the basics

It will not hurt anyone to know the basics of the game before finding the coach. Numerous online games offer a glimpse of the real game. You can either watch videos on online platforms or choose to play online games to gain knowledge. You can even make money for your sports supplies by wagering online. In addition to tennis wagering, most of the apps provide you with the opportunity to play Online casino games, with the popular one being Online Casino Singapore.

Find the right sports supplies

Always show up on your practice sessions wearing the right gear. Other than your sturdy pair of shoes, the most important thing is your racket. It’s best to buy a tennis racket that is light and big-headed, best suited for beginners. If you are unsure about your choice, it is preferable to get an opinion from your coach or a local pro before purchasing.

Work on your footwork

Footwork is as important as your serves. You can get your shot right only if you are in the correct position. Try to stay on your toes and slow yourself down by taking smaller steps instead of big ones. Getting too close to the ball increases the chances of hitting it by bending your elbow.

Position yourself in such a way that you hit the ball with a straight elbow.

Use a suitable grip

Holding the racket too tight or too loose will influence your play. So choosing the right grip isn’t as easy as you think, and once you choose a grip, stick with it. Practicing with the same grip increases your muscle memory and strengthens your muscles.

In addition to all the tips discusses above, the most important thing is finding the right partner.

Practice with someone whose skill level matches yours or even a better one. The road one has to travel to improve their skills. As you improve, keep competing with someone better to master the sport.

By following all of the above steps, one can become a more skilled player with time. Practice is the key to success and perfection.

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