In earlier days, when you wanted to bet, you were required to contact a bookie or visit the
nearest sportsbook. And you need to meet them in person, again, to collect your winnings. Now with the internet, you can perform everything at the tip of your fingers. You can wager, shop, and collect your winnings, all at the comfort of your house or your office. With so many options, it may seem a little overwhelming to choose the best site to place your wagers.

In this article, allow us to walk you through five major types of tennis wagers.

Outright Winner Wagers

Also referred to as the ‘to win’ wagers, an outright bet is the easiest tennis bet for a beginner. For instance, all the players in every tournament range somewhere between +200 to +400. So when a player is +400, you bet $100 on him, and he wins, then you earn a profit of $400. It is that simple and straightforward. Underdogs can be found in the range +10k to +20k. Hence if an underdog worth +20k wins a tournament, you win $20k. Before you start planning what to do with the prize money, realize how hard it is for an underdog to pull off a massive upset.

Although not impossible, but highly unlikely.

Match Wagers

In the match wagering, unlike the outright winner bets where you choose the winner of the
tournament, you get to select the winner of an individual game. Similar to outright winner wagers, the favourite pays out lesser than the even money. The underdog pays out more than even money. The lines will shift based on public betting. And when you anticipate then betting too heavily in the wrong direction, you jump right in and place yours in the right direction. That is how you make money on tennis. If you wish to make quick money, in addition to tennis wagering, Singapore online casino is another great way to earn.

Over / Under Wagers

Over/under wagers is wagering on how many takes it will require for the player to win a match. You are not required to pick a winner, but you have to pick the match duration precisely. You are going to wager on whether the match finishes either in straight sets or takes 3 sets. Hence you wager on either ‘over 2.5 sets’ or ‘under 2.5 sets’ depending on your prediction. If the match ends in straight sets, get paid better if you correctly choose and vice versa.

Exact scoring Wagering

You can choose to bet on exact scoring bets if you are a tennis wizard, and hope to win big by predicting the exact score. You predict either ‘the exact score of a set’ or ‘the number of sets won’ by the player. You cannot just say 6-1, and if one of the players wins 6-1, you win. The prediction has to be very precise. In a three-set match, you can have only four options:

– 2-0 for player A
– 2-1 for player A
– 2-0 for player B
– 2-1 for player B

While we sincerely hope that you win every match you bet from this instant, provided you have read our article and understood the tips and tricks, it is probably not going to be a piece of cake.

In addition to understanding the basics, coupling it with ample research will yield you your


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