Becoming the official racquet and ball sponsor of Roland Garros this year, Wilson Tennis has unveiled a complete line of elegant products for the avid tennis player.

Led by the Clash 100 Roland Garros Racquet, Wilson has maintained the same great specs of this frame, but updated it with a complimentary clay court palette to correspond with the history of the French Open.

Overall Impressions:

The Clash 100 Roland Garros Edition is also highlighted with the same specifications that have worked together to create one of the most control friendly racquets in the industry. FreeFlex and StableSmart technologies, both of which aid in providing that clean and crisp feel that every player searches for on court, remain present in this update.


Featured in 100 sq in headsize, 11oz strung weight, a stiffness index of 55 (which is very flexible), power level of medium to low and a 16×19 string pattern, the Wilson’s Clash 100 RG Limited Edition remains a functional souvenir for any tennis aficionado.

Groundstrokes and Net Play:

This flexible feeling racquet allowed for great depth on groundstrokes, while not providing the same performance at the net. That said, the stock version definitely needed some lead tape added for advanced to open players, but the string production and stability of the racquet were more than adequate.

Off-centered shots were made to feel normal, which was courtesy of the generous sweet-spot. Racquet head-speed was also well received with this frame, and was made possible due to its 16×19 string pattern.

Serving and Returning:

Serving with the Clash 100 RG Limited Edition was also a delight, although the frame did not allow for the type of natural pop that is present with much stiffer racquets. Spin on second serves did not lack in depth, and return of serves were hit past the service line in consistent fashion.

All in all, if you’re looking for an arm-friendly frame that can be used by a variety of different players and styles, coupled with a great cosmetic to celebrate the year’s biggest clay court tournament, then the Clash 100 RG Limited Edition racquet is worth a try this season.

To purchase the all-new Wilson Clash 100 RG Limited edition racquet, please visit the online stores below:

LINK: Wilson Tennis

LINK: Tennis Giant (Canada)

LINK: TennisWarehouse (USA)

LINK: TennisWarehouse Europe


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