Do you fancy being in the U.S Open or even playing for a Wimbledon Championship? If
so, you need a lot of support, especially financially, to continue pursuing your passion
for tennis. Students just leaving high school can get tennis scholarships that expose
them to great career prospects.

Landing a tennis scholarship can position students to be recognized by great coaches
and mentors and that is beneficial for their development. What are those scholarship
opportunities? Here are the best tennis scholarship programs available for U.S

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National Collegiate Athletic Association scholarships

The National Collegiate Athletic Association offers a variety of scholarships to tennis
playing students from a large budget of $1 billion. Students can apply for this
scholarship regardless of gender because there are programs for both.

Women can choose from 1,100 scholarship programs nationwide, while men have a
limited choice of 950. Their scholarship programs a segregated by the level or division
you are playing. Since there are so many options, it is easier for students to find one
where they will get accepted and further their tennis dreams.

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C. Roger Sorensen Scholarship

C. Roger Sorensen Scholarship program is more focused on students that are comfortable with furthering their studies at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston. To qualify for this scholarship, you should be enrolled in any major and play tennis for your college well.

You should also have a 2.5 GPA score to get this scholarship which stresses the point
of doing well both when playing tennis and in class. If you are applying as a freshman,
feel free to send the application documents over because they will be considered.

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National Junior College Athletic Association scholarships

The National Junior College Athletic Association helps students in their junior years of
college to pursue a career in tennis while furthering studies in any major. Students that
play tennis while studying at a community college should apply for one of the
organization’s scholarship programs.

There are a variety of programs for women and men alike all across the U.S. These
scholarships will only fund students for the first two years of college, so be aware of this
when applying.

Bev Granger Memorial Scholarship

Bev Granger Memorial Scholarship is a tribute to a woman who was so dedicated to
numerous sports including tennis. Naming this scholarship after her is a real honor and
has also set the application criteria. For example, since Bev Granger was a woman,
only female tennis players are allowed to apply.

When applying, expect to write an essay that details how much you love sport, its
impact on your daily life, and the ways you’re going to manage it in college. If you
haven’t qualified for any national tennis scholarship, this program is perfect for yourself.

National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics scholarships

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics has scholarship programs reaching
all the way to $500 million annually. Their qualification criteria bar is set slightly low, so
more students can qualify for a scholarship.

To qualify, you need to pass and graduate on the better half of your class, score a 2.0
GPA, get 18 on the ACT test as well as 800 on the SAT. This college scholarship is both
for men and women with 92 male tennis programs and 110 for females.
Other avenues to pursue

Apart from all the above-mentioned programs, an alternative to finding a tennis
scholarship is approaching universities and inquiring. Ask if they offer any scholarship
programs for tennis players and you might be surprised at their answer.

Before calling or dropping by the university, try to determine if it does have tennis
players because that might give you an idea before calling blindly. There might be
private programs they are running on themselves that allow them to enroll students with
a great passion for tennis.

Final thoughts

Playing tennis in high school and college can be advantageous because you stand a
chance to get scholarships. There are many tennis programs in the U.S for both men
and women, with preference given to the latter. You can also find great college
scholarships by approaching colleges and universities individually and inquiring about

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