In 2019 Rafel Nadal won his eleventh Roland Garros competition and ended up ranked No. 2 for Wimbledon. However, because the Wimbledon tournament has a special grass-court seeding formula Rafael Nadal was ranked as No. 3. Roger Federer won on the grass at the ATP 500 in Halle and became No. 2 that made for him and the No. 1 at the time Novak Djokovic, impossible to compete until the final. Rafael Nadal said that the seeding methodology of Wimbledon was causing problems not only in his case but also in case of other tennis players who perform well during the year on all surfaces and then end up being ranked unfairly because Wimbledon does not respect the ranking that players have earned. Nadal is in Roger Federer’s half again. There will be no Wimbledon this year, but the All England Club keeps working and decided that the formula will no longer be used. The club made a statement declaring that they took time to give a thought to what needs to be done to keep up with the evolving sport. After consideration and consultations, they decided that the grass-court seeding, that they have been using since the Gentlemen’s singles draw since 2002 will be abolished as of 2021, and the seeding will only be based on ranking.

Before exhibition matches of Tennis, fans can enjoy online tennis games

The COVID-19 pandemic that devastated every industry, ruined the economies, and changed every aspect of life was particularly disastrous for sports. Tournaments and competitions in every sport, in every country, were canceled. Even the Olympic games will no longer take the place in 2020. Now, as the number of people infected with COVID-19 drops, some countries entered phase one of reopening, and are slowly renewing some tournaments. England renewed its football championship. There is no audience for the tournaments and it is nothing like it used to be, but for now, that is all the fans can get. There will be no Wimbledon to enjoy for the fans of tennis this year, however, they can play online tennis on online servers and iGaming platforms. Online casinos offer not only the traditional gambling forms such as poker tables, slots and roulettes but also offer casino games adapted to traditional sporting tournaments. While playing online live casino games, international players get offered different sports like Tennis, football, basketball, etc. Just like tennis, iGaming platforms have adopted many sport industries in the past two decades. Alos the characters from comic books and movies constantly make appearances in the video games, either adapted or specially created for the iGaming platforms. So, while the world and especially sport, is still on hold, iGaming provides an alternative.

Tennis Tours Hope to Salvage Their Seasons. It’s Not Getting Easier

August should see the renewal of both ATP Tour and WTA. However, the travel restrictions for different countries and destinations and mandatory quarantine might be too big of a barrier. The professional tennis tours have more and more difficulties to overcome despite the constant attempts to rescue the season broken up by the COVID-19 pandemic. The ATP Tour was scheduled to resume in August in Washington, D.C., and the WTA in Palermo, Italy, when last week European Union announced that the travelers from certain countries would be denied entry to the EU territory. The list of countries includes the United States and Russia. There is no information regarding the particular case of athletes. Another news was that China would not host any international sports events in 2020. ATP has two major competitions in Beijing and Shanghai, but WTA would take a bigger blow because all seven events that are scheduled to take place in October and November in China would be canceled, including Wuhan Open. Steve Simon, CEO of WTA Tour said that China has not made any final decisions yet and the measures were just a recommendation.



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