Tennis is one of the most popular wagering sports in the world. Punters take their chance against the bookmakers on a regular basis, and the schedule this sport has makes it perfect for regular wagering, with events taking place most weeks.

However, if you want to take your tennis wagering to the next level you need to find ways of
increasing the odds you take, giving a bigger pay out.

Thanks to an improvement in the tennis wagering service from bookmakers, there are more
wagering markets that ever before to use, and this will help you.

There are two markets in particular that you can use when you are looking to increase the odds.

Alongside this, you can also use wagering offers for free wages or enhanced odds.

Free Wages from Bookmakers

While this doesn’t increase the odds on your wages, it does give you a chance to win for free. This means spending none of your own money but having the chance to build your wagering bank.

Many bookies offer sign up deals on tennis and these are great for new players to use, offering the chance to have early wins while wagering.

These offers come in many different forms, you can get free wages, bonus funds and money back offers.

One thing they all have in common is that they give you the chance to win a wager, without staking any of your own money.

You don’t get the stake back when doing this, but the potential is there to increase your wagering bank early and get off to the best possible start.

Handicap Wagering

If you like a favourite and expect them to win comfortably then you can back them on the handicap line rather than the standard win line.

This means they have to win by a clear margin, depending on the handicap, but if they do that then you will have a better price on your selection.

Wagering in this way can be particularly useful in early rounds of big tournaments such as

For example, if you are wagering on a men’s game that is the best of five sets, you can back a player with a -1.5 handicap. For this to be a winner, they need to win either 3-0 or 3-1. This will be a winner, a 3-2 win would be a loser, despite your player winning because he hasn’t covered the handicap.

Odds on this line are much better, giving you the chance to earn more money when you back winners.

Those looking to enhance the odds when betting on tennis should look at this market. It is one of the most popular alternative tennis wagering markets.

Set Wagering

The set betting market is not easy, this is when you have to predict what the set score will be.

For example, if you fancy a player to win without dropping a set you can back them to win 3-0 here to increase the odds.

Games you think will be close, such as major finals like the French Open final, you can place a bet on 3-2 in the hope that it is won by the odd set.

These are harder to predict, but betting on 3-0 is certainly something that you can do if you want to increase the odds. It is very similar to handicap wagering, but you only get one option on your bet here, so you will get even bigger odds.

The set wagering market is not easy to predict, but those who can work out winners on this market will be rewarded with some nice prices.


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