Nowadays, there is a wide choice of surfaces for tennis court construction. One of the most
popular options is artificial grass that is produced precisely for tennis courts. Why’s that?
TennisKit24 has the answer. Namely, artificial grass has numerous benefits over other

Why You Should Choose Artificial Grass over Other Tennis Court

 1. Healthy for the Body

An artificial grass tennis court is considered to be safer than the other alternative surfaces. It really is a player-friendly surface. Tennis can be a rough sport for your body; hence it is
important to minimize the impacts on players’ joints. When clay courts can cause injuries
because of the movement of the clay material and hard courts can be tough on joints, the
softness of the artificial grass helps to prevent injuries. It reduces stress to all your harmful
spots such as ankles, knees, hips, and lower back.

 2. Various Playing Advantages

One of the most important advantages of artificial grass is the quick recovery of the surface
after the rain. Namely, an artificial grass tennis court dries out quickly and is far less slippery in wet weather than other surfaces. This extends the court’s playing hours since it allows the players to return to the court and continue their game as soon as possible.

Additionally, artificial grass provides a more consistent surface. In the thickness of artificial
grass doesn’t occur any variation, which guarantees the surface remains smooth. The
artificial grass tennis court also doesn’t become uneven or bumpy that often happens with
clay court, for example.

 3. Easy Maintenance and Construction

Since the price is always important, we have good news for you. In addition to previously
discussed benefits, the reason for the popularity of artificial grass also lies in easy and
low-cost tennis court construction compared to other surfaces. We will cover the aspects of
construction more specifically later.

However, not only construction is easy, but maintenance as well. Artificial grass tennis court needs more thorough maintenance only once in a year, in spring. Since artificial grass is a hard-wearing surface and has quite high weather-resistance, the general maintenance
doesn’t take too much effort nor time. Mainly, the court only needs to be cleaned of all the
leaves and litter.

Essential Aspects Regarding Tennis Court Construction

The artificial grass tennis court construction consists of two main parts: the construction
of a good-quality sub-base and the installation of artificial grass.

 1. A Good-Quality Sub-Base

A crucial part of the construction of an artificial grass tennis court is a specific and
good-quality sub-base.

The sub-base for an artificial grass tennis court is usually about 30 cm thick and consists of
different layers.

 2. The Installation of Artificial Grass

The installation of artificial grass is nothing hard. First, artificial grass rolls need to be rolled
out. After that, gluing the grass and lines needs to be done.

Secondly, it is time for infill sand installation. The sand needs to be a round-shaped quartz
type to guarantee the best playing experience.

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