Playing Tennis develops your aerobic fitness. It burns down the fat and improves your
cardiovascular health. Besides, it improves your ability to accelerate, leg strength, as well as body coordination. Tennis players need to be alert and tactical thinkers. For the beginners looking for a solid foundation, or an expert looking to make a difference in their game, here are ways to improve their tennis game instantly.


In Tennis, time is a valuable commodity that you must use to your advantage. You can do this by either reducing your opponent’s time to get to the ball or by increasing the amount of time you have to recover on an offensive shot. As evident on casino online, you can reduce the amount of time your opponent has to get to the ball by using power to reduce the tempo. Or you can use placement to stretch out your opponent, therefore, making it take more time for them to reach the ball. As long as you will find yourself in defensive, on the other hand, you can give yourself more time by returning the ball high and deep in your opponent’s court, or by hitting a lob shot.

Bend your knees

It may seem obvious; however, many players forget to bend their knees. There are many benefits associated with bending your knees. It will help you go through the course faster because it puts your body in a position to jump into action for a return. Bending your knees also provides increased balance since your center of gravity is lowered, giving you more control and enables you to recover more effectively. It also puts your body in a better position to create shoulder, hip, and trunk rotation, allowing you to hit with increased power. Bending your knees keeps the strings aligned with the flight path of the ball longer, giving you a better chance of making solid contact, and as a result, you’ll have more control and better placement. It would be best if you bent them even lower than you think you can to get below the ball and increase spin.

Court Position

There are high chances of winning for a player who can control a court position; it is necessary to think about your positioning as well as how you can affect your opponent’s positioning.

Playing your shots inside the baseline and the ball on the rise without having to back up will put yourself in a better position to control the court. You should as much as possible find the spot along the baseline that is precisely in the middle of where your opponent can stretch you in either direction. This way, the distance to get to the ball is the same.

Find Your Rhythm

Everyone has their rhythm that they play best at and can be built over time, without being taught. Each game has its rhythm and pace. Game rhythm varies from person to person, and you need to find yours. A crucial part of winning casino online is not falling into your opponent’s tempo and bringing your opponent into your rhythm instead.


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