According to a recent report by the American Academy of Dermatology, 85 million Americans are affected by skin diseases, with some of the most common skin complaints being adult acne, psoriasis, rosacea, eczema and atopic dermatitis.

Furthermore, over 8 million of these sufferers are turning their backs on more traditional treatments in favor of using complementary and alternative medicines to help manage their conditions.

From acupuncture to detoxifying baths, stem cell therapy to homeopathic remedies, keep reading to discover the top five alternative medicines that you could try to help treat your skin problem.


Acupuncture is known for its ability to help treat a number of common skin conditions including:

-Adult acne
-Sagging skin
-Skin damage and/or infections

It can also help to reduce your stress levels which in turn can have a positive impact on the overall appearance of your complexion, especially for those who suffer with oily skin as cortisol (the stress hormone) makes your skin produce more oil.

Stem cell treatment

Stem cells are able to help restore, rejuvenate and repair skin and tissues with stem cell treatment being able to produce anti-aging effects on the skin by:

-Reducing wrinkles and fine lines
-Reducing under eye puffiness
-Hydrating skin
-Repairing and regenerating damaged skin tissue

Stem cell treatments can also actively restore your hair and hair follicles.

Anti-inflammatory diet

If you suffer from psoriasis or eczema, then you may wish to consider modifying your diet to include plenty of anti-inflammatory foods that can help to manage and improve your symptoms.

Anti-inflammatory foods include:

-Olive oil
-Green leafy vegetables
-Nuts like almonds and walnuts
-Oily fish like salmon, mackerel and tuna
-Fruits such as strawberries, cherries and oranges

If you suffer with eczema, then you may want to avoid foods such as eggs, soy products and cow’s milk as these are known to increase symptoms in some people, although everyone’s body will react differently to certain foods, so it can be a process of trial and error to find out what works for you.

Detox bath

A detox bath is a natural way to help remove toxins from your body and therefore, can be highly effective at managing and soothing certain skin conditions including:

-Dry skin
-Fungal skin and nail infections
-Chicken pox

There are several different types of detox baths that you may wish to try including a baking soda bath, an Epsom salt bath and an apple cider vinegar bath.

Homeopathic remedies

Homeopathy is a popular choice for people wanting to naturally treat their skin conditions as it is known for being completely safe and without side effects.

Some of the most effective homeopathic remedies for common skin complaints include:

-Sulphur which can reduce acne, bedsores and skin itching/irritation
-Graphites which can help eczema, skin fissures and scars
-Sepia officinalis which can alleviate the discomfort associated with eczema, dandruff,
varicose veins and hyperpigmentation
-Natrum muriaticum which can help blisters and rashes
-Hepar sulphuris which soothes cracked skin, eczema, acne, cold sores and painful abscesses


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