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As the Mexican open came to an end, several standout moments saw a number of the
best international tennis players battle it out in both singles and doubles titles for their
chance at the championship. But with a number of games going unrecognised by the
fans we have provided you with a list of highlights to help you revisit the past 9 days of
the Mexican Open as well as discussing the feature of Heather Watson as she
celebrates winning the singles championship.

The Women’s Double Match

Taking place between the 22nd and the 29th of Feb 2020 were a number of games in the
French Open championship. Each of these games had the best of the best playing
alongside one another for the title of champion. The doubles match saw 16 games
played in total with some of the worlds best competing. This saw the duo of Giuliana
Olmos and Desirae Krawczyk take the victory over Sharon Fichman and Kateryna
Bondarenko to take home the double championship. This comes as no surprise for
many that have been fans of the sport for a long time as this team have seen a vast
amount of success in other tournaments such as the Mallorca Open and Wimbledon.

As this train of success continues for the pair, there were also some other strong
contenders in the tournament. This was exciting for the fans of the sport as there was
a multitude of games that were outstanding to watch. With this tennis playing as well
as the competitive play in the singles match, this was a tournament that wad full of excitement for fans of the sport as well as those that are new to it.

The All-Important Women’s Singles Match

With 50 games played over 9 days, the fight to become singles champion at the
Mexican open was well and truly underway. With a flying start in the qualifying rounds,

it looked as through Canadian Leylah Annie Fernandez could be the favourite to win
the singles and take-home title. Sitting pretty at 126th in the world it was this Canadian
superstar that looked the most promising with a number of the best tennis betting sites
to win the championship. However, with a promising win in every game that was
played this tennis superstar certainly had a lot of power behind her. With the winning
streak continuing, the eyes of the Mexican open were on the 27-year-old and what she
could achieve. However, she did not buckle under the pressure. With a win against X.
Wang in the semi-final, Watson secured her spot in the final, the final match-up was
one that certainly would not disappoint.

A Return To The Worlds Top 50 For Heather Watson

The final match on March 1st was certainly one that did not disappoint. With the
matchup almost lasting three hours this saw 17-year-old Fernandez be out served at
almost every point in the watch. Serving up six aces throughout the course of the
match the British number 2 was well on her way to winning the title. With a victory
having not been secured since Monterrey in 2016, the 27-year-old tennis star had a lot
to prove and she certainly did not disappoint. After failing to close the match with
straight-sets Watson had an uphill climb to come out on top ahead of her competitor.

However, it was not all smooth sailing for the tennis star as the former world top 50
players let 5 match points slip past before securing her final victory. With a 6-4, 6-7,
6-1 victory, she took home the title of women’s singles champion. This success of this
championship not only saw her move 20 places to 49th in the world, but it also saw her
become the most successful British woman in Tennis since Sue Barker. This is an
achievement in itself and is set to open up many doors for her in the future as she
continues to progress in her career. This is, therefore, an exciting time for this tennis
superstar and who knows we may see her winning more grand slam titles in the future.

What Is Next For Watson In Her Career?

With a title under her belt and a spot at 49th in the world rankings, the possibilities are
endless for Watson at this time. With her next appearance on the court set for the 3rd
of March at the Monterrey Open, this could be another opportunity for Watson to
showcase her skills in a major competition. Hot of the heels of the success at the
Mexican Open, she could be back to win the championship again following on from her
victory here in 2016. Who knows, this may be her year when it comes to major league
tennis titles.

With this in mind, there are a number of reasons to get behind women’s tennis in 2020
as promising young stars battle it out to win the title and climb their way up the world
title board. Whether you are a fan of tennis or you are new to the sport, this is the
perfect way for you to make the most out of your courier.


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