If you are yet to be a fan of football, you must have been taken aback by the love that this sport receives from people. Fans to different teams have their reasons as to why they fancy the game. The most amazing part is that the players also adore the game. Every year, new teams are made, new members join them, and if you look hard enough, there are tons of training going on for rookies.

Here is why the sport is held with such high esteem.

1. Things always go as planned

We are not talking about who takes the win and who doesn’t. The one thing about football that makes the fans so loyal is that it is always on schedule. You are not likely to hear of postponing, rescheduling, and cancellation.

This makes it even more fun to set a date with friends, study the football score table and make predictions on the outcome of oncoming games. Who doesn’t love something they can count on?

2. It is always exciting

It is very easy for a coffee date to bore you. However, this is not something you can say about football. There are tons of things to be excited about. It could be strong teams playing, and everyone is looking forward to knowing who the giant is, there is rivalry, uncertainty, and so on. All these can make your blood boil and increase your adrenaline. The excitement is unlimited.

3. Provides an opportunity for socializing

Football is a sport that brings people together. It is the perfect time to meet up with friends and catchup. Instead of getting into the stadium immediately, you with friends for a while there. You can tailgate with friends over beer cans as you wait for the teams to play. Partying before the game starts makes the overall experience exceptional.

4. Time to share traditions

The fun is eternal when it comes to football. The sport has quite a history that fans always love revisiting. It creates an atmosphere of togetherness, discipline, and of course, brings its share of excitement.

Some of the traditions shared include singing a team anthem, the national anthem, wearing mascots, beer, and food. The list is endless. It is the traditions that stimulate loyalty to the game and helps the fans identify with it.

5. It is a good breather

The world is becoming chaotic and busy every passing day. Things easily become routine, and it can cause stress. Football helps people to take their minds off the busy day.

Despite walking through a tough week, you at least have something to look forward to over the weekends or after work.

Different individuals have varying reasons for loving football. The reasons mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. If you are yet to become a fan, get to watch a single game. You will never look back.


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