When someone decides to learn how to play tennis, the basic forehand and backhand technique must be learned. This will teach them how to play, enjoy the game, and play many years to come.

The basics that one must learn include the volley, serve, and overhead smash. However, it can be learned later on as one begins to understand how to rally with their partner.
All groundstroke’s follow the same step-by-step progressions which include slight adjustments.

The following tips for tennis players will lead to developing a good foundation of basic strokes.

With this, tennis players can learn the game as fast as possible.

Play from the Contact Point and Extend

Play the tennis racquet slightly behind the target contact point. This will give you enough energy to fly over the net and reach your partner after just one bounce. The key to consistent and correct tennis technique is to hit the ball clean and in the center of the strings. Focus on the element of the game versus the mechanics of the stroke.

At first, you are not required to focus much on the follow-through. Extend your arm and guide the ball towards the other side. This applies to the forehand, two-handed backhand, and one-handed backhand. Indeed, playing tennis is fun just like playing Judi Bola.

Play from the Contact Point and Follow-Through

As you become a comfortable and consistent at playing, you can now add the follow-through technique. Keep playing mini tennis and prepare your strokes. Focus on the most important yet challenging parts of tennis which are meeting the ball from an ideal distance away from the body. Indeed, this is the most comfortable and efficient way of playing tennis.

As you become more consistent in playing mini tennis with the use of a modified stroke
technique, you can move to the next progression. This can develop your basic groundstroke technique.

Add the Split Step

The split step is the basic footwork movement in tennis. You need to practice doing this in each shot that you are receiving.

It is a quick hop where you jump slightly off the ground. Then, you split your feet wide slightly up in the air. Thereafter, you land in the same position and your feet are apart. This movement will help you push off in any direction quickly.

The secret in the split step is proper timing. The same is true with playing online games like Judi Bola. With this; you have to land in the split step exactly as soon as you realize where the ball is going. If you do it correctly, you will feel that you can move explosively unto the ball.

Add Stroke Preparation

Beginners should practice playing ¾ distance from the net before increasing the distance to a full-court. With this, you can move just inside the baseline. You can also aim your shots at your opponent’s service line area.

This can help keep the speed of the ball low. This will give enough time to the ball and move it without being rushed. During this stage, you can add one technical element for every stroke. And this is true for the preparation stage as well.


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