Here are some tennis tips that you can use whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player. The tips provided below can help you with your tennis journey. For advanced players who think that the tips are too basic, read the whole article. You will find something that you haven’t heard of before:

Learn the Two Stances of Playing Tennis

The majority of the beginners don’t know that there are two basic stances to use when playing tennis. These are the open and closed stances. These are used in different scenarios which can increase your tennis efficiency.

Players usually focus on learning one stance which can improve their skills. But there can be a situation where you will experience playing with a high bounce ball and you only know the closed stance. It will be difficult for you to play that ball in that situation because you only know of the closed stance and not the open stance.

Both the coaches and players tend to forget these basic tips. Take note of the two stances so you will be guided in the right direction. Click here to know more.

Focus on the Ball

If you have tried to watch a professional player in slow motion, you will notice that their playing style is different from an average player. That is they have eye contact with the ball. You can notice that their eyes are focused on the ball.

You can watch videos on YouTube and watch your favorite pro players hitting or serving. You can discover many new things which they do better than the average player. Their eyes are glued on the ball. They are not concerned about how their opponent looks or how they try to deceive them. When your focus is on the ball, you can hit the ball accurately and see an improvement in your play.

Good Intention when Playing

With the right intention, it will help you to become more consistent in your play. When you have decided to reach a particular shot and practice for sometime, then you will be more consistent.

To begin this process, set up two cones on each side of the court. Allow your partner to begin a slow rally with you. Try to hit the cones up to 10 times. As you create a target in your mind, your mind and body will now achieve to hit that target more accurately.

Use a Racquet that Fits your Skills

This tip is more for beginners than advanced or intermediate players. This is because intermediate to advanced players have already decided on their racquets and don’t want to change them that often.

For beginners, choose a light racquet that has a higher stiffness rating and has a big head size. As you are learning tennis, you can struggle with consistency, form, and overall knowledge of the game. Thus, having a racquet that can eliminate all these complications can be a good thing.

With a small head size racquet, it will increase the time to learn the game. Thereafter, you will progress much less if you are using a more advanced racquet in your game.


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