Here you’ll find some predictions for the 2020’s tennis “Grand Slam” tournaments. By staying informed you can increase your chances of winning bets.

2020 Tennis Predictions you can Bet On

Each year around the world, numerous tennis tournaments draw thousands upon thousands of fans who want to place bets on their favorite players based on their current rankings. Here, you can learn more about the tournaments in 2020 and what you can expect based on current rankings. Online bettors who are also tennis fans will find this information incredibly useful as it’s possible to place a wide range of bets with the perfect sportsbook – and come out a winner more often than not when you are more knowledgeable.

The Tennis Grand Slam

In tennis, the goal is always to win the Grand Slam, which is comprised of the four biggest and most important tennis games each year. It is comprised of the Australian Open in January, the French Open somewhere between late May and early June, Wimbledon in June or July, and the US Open, which takes place in late August or early September. The last man to have won all four Grand Slam tournaments in the same year was Rod Laver, who accomplished this incredible feat twice: once in 1962 and again in 1969. Since then, Roger Federer has come very close, and Novak Djokovic has also won three of the four games in the same year.

On the women’s side, the last person to win all four Grand Slam tournaments in the same year was the legendary Steffi Graf. Martina Hingis came very close in 1997 when she won three of the four games. In 2002 and 2015, Serena Williams also won three of the four games, making her a very close contender. The very first woman to win all four games was the American Maureen Connolly back in 1952.


Wimbledon is held at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in Wimbledon, London. Though only a select few get to travel to London to see Wimbledon in person, many people watch on televisions at home or in their favorite sports bars. Who will win? That’s a big question right now. For the men’s singles, Novak Djokovic is the defending champion, and with five Wimbledon wins under his belt, he’s expected to win again. A win in 2020 would make his third straight win. Roger Federer is close behind, and Rafael Nadal is a somewhat distant third.

For women’s singles, it will be a close call between Simona Halep, a top pick for the 2019 French Open, and Ashleigh Barty, a former cricket player. Serena Williams is the third pick in this category, and thanks to her numerous previous wins, some fans believe she may surprise everyone and come back for a Grand Slam win in 2020.

US Open

In the 2020 US Open, the top three contenders for the men’s title should come as no surprise. Rafael Nadal has the best odds of victory, and he is ranked second in the world in the ATP rankings. Though Nadal did not win the 2019 Australian Open or the 2019 Wimbledon Tournament, where he was beaten out by Roger

Federer, he has won the US Open three times in the past and is expected to win for 2020. Roger Federer will be the second most likely winner. He is currently ranked third in the world in the ATP, and though he won against Nadal at Wimbledon, Nadal beat him in the 2019 French Open Finals.

For the Women’s US Open, Serena Williams is predicted to be the most likely winner. She has regained her Top 10 status following her pregnancy, during which she was absent from tennis. Naomi Osaka ranks second just behind Serena Williams, and she is the very first Asian player in history to have held the number one ranking for any period of time. In fact, she beat Serena Williams at the 2018 US Open and even beat Petra Kvitova at the 2019 Australian Open, too. With that win, she followed in Serena’s recent footsteps with two consecutive Grand Slam wins.

Australian Open

The Australian Open, which happens in January in Melbourne, Australia, is a high profile event with many, many avid fans watching from around the world. As the date draws nearer, predictions are becoming more solid, and people are already looking to place their bets. Surprisingly, those expected to win the 2020 Australian Open differ from the predictions from the other Grand Slam events.

On the ladies’ side, Serena Williams is everyone’s favorite. She’s won 23 Grand Slams in total, and while she isn’t a favorite in the others, her best performances – and most of her wins – have occurred on the Melbourne court. She is followed by Naomi Osaka, who may very well win against Serena under the right circumstances. In fact, with Serena’s odds at +500 and Naomi’s at +700, the gap is very small. Other contenders include Simona Halep, Angelique Kerber, and Sloane Stephens, all at +800.

For the men, Novak Djokovic is slated to win it all, which probably comes as very little surprise. He is followed quite distantly for the Australian Open by Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer for second and third. Alexander Zverev is a very distant fourth favorite. Djokovic has a solid reputation for his Australian Open wins, and much of the favoritism is based on his comfort with the court.

French Open

Finally, the French Open takes place at the State Roland-Garros in Paris each year. In 2019, Rafael Nadal made history with his 12th consecutive men’s singles title when he beat Dominic Thiem, and he is a favorite again for 2020 with even odds through many sportsbooks. Novak Djokovic comes in at +300 followed by Dominic Thiem again at +400. At a distant fourth is Stefanos Tsitsipas with +1400 odds.

On the women’s side, Simona Halep is expected to take home the title with +500 odds. In fact, her two top contenders – Kiki Bertens and Serena Williams – both tie for second at +800, which is a pretty sizable gap. Ashleigh Barty, who is predicted to be a much stronger challenge for Simona in other Grand Slam games, comes in fourth for the French Open with +900 odds.

Though this information can certainly help you track your favorite players and start forming some ideas for the biggest tennis tournaments of 2020, it is important to remember that this information can change at absolutely any time due to injury, emergency, or any number of other situations. Remember to follow your favorite tennis stars closely and use both this information and your own research to make the best possible betting decisions.


  1. I personally don’t see how Halep, Kvitova, Stephens could win another Slam. But I do see a prominent role in Grand Slams for Kenin and Anisimova. Kenin already beat Serena in Paris and Anisimova beat Halep over there. I do agree that Barty, Serena are heavy favourites on clay and grass. Osaka and Andreescu, in my opinion, are more likely to excel on hard court.


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