Slot gaming is easy to some and difficult to others, this is common knowledge. How you can master slots will vary depending on the games you are playing, luckily there’s a huge selection at online slot sites such as Wizard Slots. However, not every slot was created equal, meaning there are countless ways for one to win big on the reels, they need only be willing to take a chance and hope that it comes through!

This is an article intended for beginners who are looking to take their first steps into the world of online slot gaming, although in saying that, there’s never enough information that one can cram in, especially when it comes to the world of online slot gaming where anything is possible! Now without any further adieu, let’s get into how you can win big in slots!

Additional Features

The easiest way for one to make money in an online slot game is to take advantage of some of the many features that these games have on offer! These features can alter gameplay in various different ways depending on a variety of different factors. The more you play in these games the more features you’ll find more naturally as the spins progress! Most of the time, new players don’t even realise they’ve triggered a bonus as it’s happening!

Wild symbols are some of the most common features found in any online slot game. Wilds will substitute symbols out accordingly once matched. The more wilds you can match on the board, the more scatter symbols you’ll put on the board. Wild symbols not only come with a big bonus to scores, but the fact that they bring more scatters to the field makes them a must for big scores!

Scatter symbols are great in their own right too, giving you the chance to bring free spins to you. Free spins essentially guarantee cash to anyone able to gain entry into these spins. Free spins offer the player multipliers that turn your basic scores into gigantic beasts that only equal massive payouts as a result!

Some games have their own additional features so be sure to read reviews of these games or simply play them for yourself to get an idea on what to expect. Additional features are the easiest and best way of winning big on an online slot, trust us.

Other Options

Playing on high bets will also increase your chances of winning big on any online game you get your hands on! You see, the higher your bet is, the more you can ultimately win outright! Playing on a low amount is good for practice and all, but if you want to start winning big you need to be prepared to set more money down initially!

Autoplay modes are incredibly useful also, this allows you to play hands free as a CPU plays for you with a bet amount set beforehand. This feature can be stopped/started at any point so don’t worry about it taking on a mind of its own!


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