Raising the bar with their latest signature racket that is coined the Clash, Wilson Tennis has once again designed a user-friendly frame that will certainly appeal to the masses.

Coming in at an 11 ounce strung weight, the Clash 100 produced great depth from ground-strokes hit from the baseline, while keeping the power and precision quotients in check. The 16×19 string pattern did allow for fine angles to be generated on a regular basis, but where the racket did fall short was at the net. Featured at a very flexible 55 stiffness rating—which is courtesy of their new FreeFlex and StableSmart technology—the Clash 100 did lose a bit of stability at the net when trying to deflect hard-struck ground-strokes.

Photo courtesy of Wilson Tennis

That said, the Clash 100 would definitely need some lead tape placed accordingly throughout the frame to give advanced to tournament level players the ability to swing out as much as they would like. This racket is also featured in the Clash 100 Tour level model that is .5 ounces heavier, which will help to deliver more stable plow through from the baseline and the net.

From a serving perspective, the Clash 100 does hold its own. Although the stock version doesn’t allow for help in pumping up the MPH category, the slice and kick that was created on numerous serves was more than adequate.

The conclude on our preview of the Clash 100, this spin friendly racket won’t give you a ton of ball speed but it will certainly give you depth of shot and many angles to explore when on the run.

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