More elevated footwear by tennis giant Babolat for 2019, let’s now take a look at the Propulse Rage in blue and yellow.

Photo courtesy of Babolat

Designed with the avid to competitive player in mind, the Propluse Rage offers a bootie-like fit, that provides great stability and a locked-down feel on both lateral and horizontal movements. Add to the mix the Ortholite insole, which features an exceptionally plush yoga mat feel, and you’ll be cruising for hours on court with the new Propulse Rage.

Like most Babolat offerings, the Propulse Rage does fit slightly small. That said, we’d definitely recommend going up half a size for optimal performance. The Michelin rubber outsole—which has become synonymous with the brand—is also backed by a six month durability guarantee.

Allowing you to play on a variety of different court surfaces, courtesy of the modified herringbone tread, the Propulse Rage is equality as impressive on hard courts or clay.

Photo courtesy of Babolat

With a distinct industry shift toward a full bootie-like construction (as mentioned above), Babolat has added their own spin to this performance feature by placing a strap to its upper. Providing an even more locked-down feel as a result, the Propulse Rage moves with your foot to create a nature feel around the baseline and forecourt.

With a sport that deals with very harsh movements on a consistent basis, you really can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have a comfortable offering on your side for day-in and day-out use.

Weighing in at 14.8 ounces and highlighted in a slightly lower arch, the Propulse Rage is another model to checkout during this upcoming Spring/Summer season.

You can shop the all-new Propulse Rage at the following stores:






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