Friday’s order of play at the Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan, Italy can be found below.

LINK: Schedule of Play


  1. These were 2 very intense matches.

    I was very surprised that Munar beat De Minuar. But then I read that Munar has beaten alex on 2 previous occasions i think it was psychological.

    The pick between Tsitsipas vs Rublev was very tough for me but I chose Stefanos, both are extremely solid players, Stefanos is 15 in the world, unbelievable, and rublev, surprisingly, is only 68 in the world.. he is definitely a top 20 material, I just think he needs to learn to calm his nerves a little.

    I think that Tsitsipas will win Munar and deservingly win this tournament.

    On a side note, the formatting for the tournament is very weird for me.. I am curious to see how it is to actually play in this format. But I do like the automatic hawk eye system, hope this, alone, can be moved to the atp world tour.


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