The Clash:
Starting November 10, 650 tennis players and coaches around the world will
receive this prototype racket as part of, what Wilson believe is, the largest and
broadest playtest in racket history.
We’re hoping you can help us kick off this playtest by sharing news of this
racket and the images of the prototype with your readers – encouraging them
to try it when they see it on the courts in their communities. Keep an eye
out for content from around the globe as these key influencers share their
experience on social media and use #racketrevolution.
Photo: Courtesy of Wilson Tennis
We will be releasing full racket information – including specs, technology, and
price – closer to the racket’s global introduction on February 1, 2019, and retail
launch on February 15, 2019
What we can tell you today is a bit of the story behind how this racket came to be:
• Through thousands of elite and amateur tennis player interviews, focus
groups and feedback sessions over the past several years, Wilson heard three
central needs from today’s tennis racket — power, control, and feel.
• To create this racket, Wilson broke apart every element of the traditional
racket design – from the throat to the beam to the strings to the head – to
look for novel ways to deliver these critical attributes to players.
• The result of that work is a racket with an incredible mix of high-performance
playability and accuracy, which gives players ultimate confidence to hit the
shots they want to make and know it is going in.


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