Love tennis and want to place a bet but don’t know how? Don’t worry, this handy guide to the top tennis markets will help you on your way.

There are a number of ways you can bet on tennis and there are plenty of events throughout the year. Most bookmakers offer markets on all the professional tournaments.

Why bet on tennis?

Betting on tennis can enhance your enjoyment when watching a game and can also be a good way to put your knowledge of the game to good use. The most successful tennis bettors are those who study statistics and have a deep understanding of the game, the annual tournament schedule and the individual players. Even if you are not an expert, you might just want to bet for a bit if fun.

Top tennis betting markets

Can’t get to grips with the betting terminology? Here are some of the most popular tennis markets explained.

Outright winner

This bet is for those who want to predict the overall winner of a tournament. If you think Rafa Nadal is going to win yet another French Open title, this is the bet you would choose.

Match Winner Market

If the outright market is not for you, why not bet on the match winner? This is a simple bet where you choose a match and back which of the two players (or pairs in doubles) will be the winner. This market is good for those who might be able to spot a potential upset early on in a tournament.

Winner without Favourite

This bet allows you to back who, other than the favourite, will perform best in a tournament. This is a good market for events where there is one clear favourite at short odds. You can remove them from the equation and bet on the best-of-the-rest.

Quarter Winner

Once the draw has been made, you can predict the path that each player will have to take to reach the quarter-finals. You can then bet on who you think will win their quarter of the draw in this popular bet365 tennis betting market. You can also wager which quarter the tournament winner will emerge from in the Winner from Quarter market.

Name the Finalists

Not sure who will win but think you know who will contest the final? This betting market is for you. Name the two players who will battle it out for the top prize on the final day.

First Set Winner

If you have noticed a player that starts well but struggles later in matches or a big player whose struggles early on before hitting their stride, you might get some good value in this market. Simply predict who will win the first set regardless of the final outcome. This bet is quite popular amongst women’s tennis bettors.

Set Betting

This bet requires you to predict the correct score in sets. You can get good odds but it can be tricky making the right call.

Highest Number of Aces

If you have good knowledge of the big hitters and their favourite surfaces, you might do well in this market. Low-ranked players who serve well can sometimes beat the big names in this market, even if they end up losing the game.


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