Built on a proud and successful history in the sport, Babolat’s latest Pure Aero 2019 for Rafael Nadal has arrived the and sixth generation of the Pure Aero line is perhaps the best to date.

Here’s your exclusive first look.

Packed with new tech, the Pure Aero 2019 features a thicker bumper head for even more feel and better comfort. Being a long-time user of the Pure Aero series, the latest model is definitely much smoother at the net than it’s predecessor but still provides ample power, precision and spin from the baseline.

Decked out in a new yellow and black color-way, the Pure Aero 2019 maintains its 100 square inch head, 10.6 ounce unstrung weight, 16/19 string pattern, 320 mm balance and 71 RA flexibility. That said, after speaking with some Babolat insiders, the goal of the latest Pure Aero was to make it play as smooth as the latest Pure Drive. With that goal in mind, the newest Pure Aero 2019 did provide a great deal of comfort and resistance toward hard-struck balls on the baseline, yet allowed for angles and spin to be generated as effortlessly as before.

It’s never an easy proposition for a company to take a home-run caliber racket and make it even better, but Babolat has truly pushed the envelope once again with the latest rendition of this frame.

Another positive about this model will see players and stringers not have to worry about short or long sides anymore when stringing this racket. Making it a breeze for quick on-court play.

As with the five previous Pure Aero models, players pretty much know what they are going get with this latest edition. The Pure Aero 2019 will never be the ultimate control racket on the market by any stretch of the imagination, but if you’re looking to take big cuts at the ball from the baseline and serve with spin and speed, then the Pure Aero 2019 is without a doubt a must-try racket when it hits its global release.

Compatible to pretty much any game style and level of play, the Pure Aero will be available in the following models: Pure Aero Tour, Pure Aero, Pure Aero +, Pure Aero Team, Pure Aero Lite, and Pure Aero Super Lite.

With Rafa Nadal already practicing with the Pure Aero 2019 at his home-base in Mallorca, don’t be surprised to see the Spaniard rocking his latest signature frame during the US Open or before. An official launch for the racket will take place later in the year around November.

Let’s us know if you have any questions on the Nadal’s latest Pure Aero as the world No. 1 strives toward his 18th Major title at the US Open in September.

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Watch out for the Pure Aero 2019 at the following online stores upon its release date.

USA: TennisWarehouse

Europe: TennisWarehouse-Europe

Canada: Merchant of Tennis

Racket rating: 9.5/10.



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