Elite Swedish Academy Adopts Unified Rating System to Enhance Player Development and Promote Level-Based Play

July 9, 2018 – Today, Universal Tennis (UTR) and Good to Great Tennis Academy announced a partnership to enhance its premier high-performance tennis training program with the adoption of UTR Powered by Oracle’s tools and technology.

Good to Great Tennis Academy, an elite European tennis training academy based in Stockholm, Sweden, is adopting UTR Powered by Oracle as its official player rating system. The academy will leverage UTR’s community platform to organize level-based tennis events, support player development and drive further engagement across its tennis programming.

“The UTR rating will create a whole new way of competing in tennis where players are matched against opponents on the same level no matter age or gender,” said Magnus Norman, co-founder of Good to Great Tennis Academy and former Davis Cup player for Sweden. “We at Good to Great Tennis Academy believe that this will be a big step forward building tennis globally and also for tennis in Sweden where many matches are very one-sided in early rounds, which does not benefit anyone. With the UTR rating we will be able to organise events on all levels with tough matches from the first rounds.”

Good to Great Tennis Academy will implement UTR’s suite of community tools and technology, including its tournament and event management system, to organize and run competitive, level-based tennis events at its performance academy, adult Members Club and after-school tennis programs. Good to Great’s professional coaches and staff can get players rated and use the UTR Powered by Oracle tennis rating to compare, evaluate and track players on a single system that works across age, gender and geography.

“We are excited to work with Magnus and the Good to Great Tennis Academy team to bring UTR’s tools and technology to its elite program and allow players and organizers to experience the benefits of level-based tennis,” said Mark Leschly, Universal Tennis Chairman & CEO. “Tennis professionals and players around the world continue to recognize the value of level-based play and a borderless, genderless and ageless rating system to enhance player development and grow the game worldwide.”

Good to Great Tennis Academy is a premier boutique tennis training academy in Stockholm, Sweden. Founded by Magnus Norman, Nicklas Kulti and Mikael Tillström, the academy aims to prepare players to compete at the highest levels of tennis as well as life off the court. Good to Great Tennis Academy has seven hardcourt indoor courts as well as a world-class fitness center and sports clinic. All three founders won the Davis Cup for Sweden and have been ranked among the best players in the world.


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