A partnership that has spanned over 20 years between Roger Federer and apparel and footwear giant Nike is over. The eight-time Wimbledon Champion debuted a brand new look on the lawns of the All England Club today as he launched his latest deal with Japanese clothing brand UNIQLO.

Photo courtesy of UNIQLO

We had reported through a very credible source on June 11, 2018 that Federer’s deal with Nike would end and the pair couldn’t come to a reasonable number between the two. UNIQLO is rumored to be offering a $300 million dollar deal, which would span over the next decade. The deal is particularly interesting as Federer will still receive payment from UNIQLO should he retire prior to the deal coming to an end. Federer will also have the opportunity now to wear patches on his clothing, an option that was not available to him when he was sponsored by Nike.

No word yet at which footwear company Federer will wear as he moves forward. For now, he will wear the Nike Zoom Vapor X in white with University Blue during the fortnight.


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