Two high performance forces in string unite to create three new hybrid strings.

DUO POWER is an incredible blend of the best-selling Luxilon ALU Power fused with Wilson NXT Power string technology, which plays the closest to natural gut of any synthetic string. This blend creates the perfect bed for ultimate power. Available in Natural/Silver in 16 (1.30mm) and 16L (1.25mm) gauge sets.

MRP: $22.95 (USD).


DUO CONTROL provides next-level control due to the combination of Wilson NXT Control poly technology and Luxilon 4G Rough’s unique “denting” surface element, which delivers greater spin and more string flex for a slight softer and more forgiving feel. Available in Natural/Gold in 16 (1.30mm) and 16L (1.25mm) gauge sets.

MRP: $22.95 (USD).

DUO FEEL features a blend of NXT and Luxilon Element technologies. This new combo offers players incredible feel. The construction of this hybrid string delivers comfort and ball pocketing, while providing extra energy to each shot and less vibration. Available in Copper in 16 (1.30mm) and 16L (1.25mm) gauge sets.

MRP: $22.95 (USD).

LUXILON LIMITED EDITION ALU POWER 125 STRING…IN COLOR Light up the court with the Limited Edition ALU Power 125 string. Serves up the same features as the #1 string played on Tour in a vibrant colored coating, including:

  • Made of co-polymer fluorocarbon resin fibers, known for their durability and resilience.
  • Aluminum added for enhanced performance.
  • Moisture resistant.
  • Industry-leading consistency in every set.

The perfect string for the player looking to stand out on court, while getting the best combination of power, control and spin potential.


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